Google PageRank updates become more unpredictable

Google PageRank can be very important to some bloggers/webmasters. For many, it's a good source of some cash. I the past, Google PageRank updates used to occur approximately 4 times a year with 3 month gap. However, nowadays the updates seem to be happening at unpredictable times. Some updates take 6-7 months to happen while some happen right away.

I have been investing a lot of my time in getting backlinks for 3 websites that I own since last year and during this time, I hardly saw a major Google PageRank update. There were some minor ones but they only applied to some websites. I have worked hard on obtaining backlinks but my PageRank for those three sites still has not changed at all.

What do you guys think about Google PageRank and it's recent behavior regarding updates? Are you guys satisfied? Have you seen any major changes in your site's PageRank?

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