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Free Ipod Downloads - Get Reviews of Top Free iPod Music, Movies and Videos Download Sites
The best way to get free ipod downloads, free iPod movies, free iPod videos and other popular iPod downloads are revealed online for you. When it comes to digital portable devices, the iPod is extremely popular.
Therefore, more folks than ever are needing an easy way to get free iPod downloads online.
So knowing that iPod downloads are all the rage right now, how can you get free iPod downloads for life? In searching online you'll find a variety of ipod download sites that can give you free iPod downloads - like free ipod music downloads, free ipod movies and iPod videos.
And the BEST free iPod downloads sites make it easy to download all your favorite music, movies and videos to your PC and transfer them to your iPod. They provide detailed tutorials showing you step-by-step how to get free iPod downloads and transfer your iPod downloads directly to your iPod with ease.

1) iPod Downloads Pro - Amazing Site!
In using iPod Downloads Pro it couldn't be any easier to get all your favorite free ipod downloads. They provide simple step-by-step video tutorials with audio instructional so you can get you started immediately.
You'll get life-time membership with no per download fees. iPod Downloads Pro gives you easy and fast access to all the popular free iPod downloads - including; free ipod movies, free ipod music downloads, ipod games and iPod videos
And, if you should ever need it, free 24 hour technical support is provided and they offer a full 60 day money back guarantee.
You'll get free DVD to PC to pod software and free Spyware Removal software to protect yourself online. To sum up, this free ipod downloads site truly over delivers! Check it out now ...
To learn how to get unlimited free ipod downloads for life,
Go Here => iPod Downloads Pro

2) iPod Blender Review - Powerful Software!
iPod Blender is fully compatible with iTunes and gives you instant access to unlimited free ipod downloads including movies, music, games and more. All you have to do is simply download the music you want and use iTunes to transfer it to your iPod.
No additional software or downloads are needed. You gain access to over 20,000,000 Songs and MP3's. You can download full albums, single songs, unreleased mixes and more. You can play them on your computer, burn them on a cd or transfer them to your iPod.
Additionally you can copy your own CD collection or download from the existing database of music already available online. iPod Blender is an incredible site that you can rely on to get the free ipod downloads that you most want. Membership in iPod Blender is a great value.
To learn how to get unlimited free ipod downloads for life,
Go Here => iPod Blender
Free iPod Downloads
Getting unlimited free ipod downloads of music, movies, videos and tv shows is easy to do with the right tools.
What's really cool is that you can hook up your ipod to your computer and download music, movies or even last night's episode of your favorite TV show with one or two clicks of your mouse. It's that simple.
And besides being able to download music to ipod, there is a new "Videos" menu available on the iPod, and under that are options for "Video playlists," "Music Videos," "Movies," "TV Shows," and "Video Podcasts."
Another plus to the Apple ipod is that the interface for playing movies is extremely similar to playing music. Just click the middle wheel once and you control the volume with the scroll wheel. Click it a second time and you're surfing through video.

Why Is My Internet So Slow?

Performance vs. Speed
There have been competing myths for some time in the high-technology industry. The first of these is that having a faster computer doesn't necessarily mean a faster connection to the Internet. The second, and potentially more confusing one, is that only the modem speed matters when evaluating how fast and efficient an Internet connection is.
The answer to the first one is quite a bit more simple than the answer to the second. Having a faster computer has nothing to do with the connection speed of that computer's modem. It is exactly like trying to compare the quickness of a car to the size of its gas tank. What matters most to people is the performance. How fast can I get my e-mail? How fast can I read the news? How fast can I download the latest "squirrel riding a skateboard" video on YouTube?

Wireless Video Camera CCTV Security with Receiver
Current Bid: $9.99

Microsoft Xbox 360 Xbox360 Wireless Networking Adapter
Current Bid: $77.00
Faster Machines increase Performance
Having a faster computer: more powerful processor, more RAM, faster drives, will increase performance, regardless of what that computer is doing. How fast data gets to the computer from a given user's e-mail server is a completely different question than how fast the e-mails are listed on the desktop or in the e-mail client. Same with web pages and video sites like YouTube. There is a lot of work for the processor, RAM, hard drive, data bus, video and sound cards and network card or interface to do when a client machine is processing data on the Internet. Slower or older components will have a tougher time getting that data processed, translated and where it needs to go quickly.

The Complete Guide to Home Wiring - 3rd Edition: Includes Information on Home Electronics & Wireless Technology (Black & Decker Complete Guide)
Price: $13.99List Price: $24.95

Linux Networking Cookbook (Linux)
Price: $22.00List Price: $44.99

The Amazon Kindle Basic Web Wireless Service: Why It Is a Revolutionary Feature, and Why Amazon Should Keep It Free or Cheap
Price: $2.49
The Key to Better Computer Performance
So which components matter most? The key to performance on a standard desktop or notebook machine is RAM, and lots of it. On a cost to benefit basis, there is no more efficient way to increase the performance of a computer than adding more RAM. Replacing RAM with higher performance chips can also help considerably, but always be sure RAM upgrades are compatible with the machine they are being installed in. RAM malfunctions are among the most frustrating and difficult to fix computer problems.
Faster CPUs and hard drives can also increase performance after a RAM upgrade. Of the three components, the hard drive is by far the slowest, since it is one of the few mechanical devices in a computer. Finding a drive with what is known as a "Serial ATA" interface can help if it is replacing a drive which uses a slower interface. Also, drives with faster "seek times" can increase performance slightly, depending on how they are configured and installed.

Photo courtesy Buggolo
Connection Speeds
The second consideration is the connection speed. Until recently, many Internet users connected to the web through a "dial-up" connection, using a telephone modem. Modem is a combination of two words: modulate and demodulate. Modems translate audio information transmitted over a phone line into a data stream. This sounds really high-tech but in practice it was just really slow at 56Kbps. That number means 56,000 KiloBits Per Second, which was really at its fastest only about 53,000. The fastest dial-up modems were capable of transmitting only a little over 6000 characters or 6K of data per second.
Most high-speed connections now use the same apparatus as cable television, which is a far higher capacity network since it must transmit numerous channels of video data in real time. Cable connections approach speeds of between 1.5Mbps and 3Mbps, or 1.5 Million Bits Per Second and 3 Million. Three million bits per second is just under 400,000 characters or 400K of data per second, some 70 times the speed of dial-up modems.

Home Networking For Dummies (For Dummies (Computer/Tech))
Price: $2.81List Price: $21.99

Wi-Fi Toys: 15 Cool Wireless Projects for Home, Office, and Entertainment
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Wireless# Certification Official Study Guide (Exam PW0-050)
Price: $31.23List Price: $59.99

The Book of Wireless: A Painless Guide to Wi-Fi and Broadband Wireless
Price: $19.48List Price: $29.95
Connection Types
There are numerous other kinds of connections with varying levels of availability including ISDN lines, satellite, DSL, commercial wireless, and so forth. Each of these has various advantages and disadvantages. ISDN hardware is a little tough to find these days. Satellite isn't all that useful in places where there is no clear view of the satellite signal's origin. DSL or Digital Subscriber Lines are by far the most widely available next to cable or dial-up, but they are not quite as fast as cable modems and can sometimes have limited coverage in a given service area. Commercial wireless is convenient, but can sometimes be expensive and slower than other connections, especially under heavy loads by other users.
Generally speaking, a "high-speed" connection should be at least as fast as DSL, which averages around 500Kbps, or about 35% the low-end speed of a cable internet connection. The low-end cable internet speed is roughly equivalent to what is known as a "T1" line, which averages around 1.5Mbps and has generally been the most popular commercial service connection type for businesses.
In Part Two, we'll discuss what happens when that massive crowd of packets goes running out on to the network looking for your stock prices. After you've invested all that time and money building a fast machine, if the Internet is still slow, you're going to want to know why and how to fix the problems. It's not that complicated, so don't miss it!
Wireless Networking News
Video: eCoupled fires up its wireless Foreman grill and cooks us a ...
You might remember how excited we were to send Veronica Belmont over to eCoupled's booth at CES for a demo of the company's wireless Foreman grill, only to be bitterly disappointed when the reps claimed to have "power problems" and ...
Small-, Medium-Sized Businesses Will Win With New Account ...
BASKING RIDGE, NJ — Starting today, new and existing Verizon Wireless small- and medium-sized business customers can add or combine new phone lines in different parts of the country onto a single account and share allowance minutes ...
RF transmit processor optimises PA performance
TI has launched a single-chip wireless transmit processor that increases the efficiency of multi-carrier PAs in the RF transmit signal chain and eliminates the need for costly high-performance RF PA components.
T&T to Expand Wireless Network in a Big Way in Anticipation of รข�¦
Another AT&T wireless spectrum, previously bought by the company, has received FCC approval. The 12MHz wireless spectrum, which covers 60% of the US and 196 million of the 303 million US residents, is in the highly sought after 700MHz ...
NextWave Wireless and EB Collaborate to Develop Innovative Mobile ...
SAN DIEGO & OULUNSALO, Finland, (BUSINESS WIRE) – NextWave Wireless Inc. (NASDAQ: WAVE), a global provider of mobile multimedia and wireless broadband technologies and EB (OMX: EBG1V), a technology powerhouse with more than 20 years ...
Disaster Management and Wireless Communications
The article also goes on to state that the project will offer wireless internet access for citizens as part of an effort to improve technology availability and increasing the technical skills of citizens. ...
Harris, Cisco boost secure wireless nets
Companies join forces to increase the ability of agencies to view and share classified data.

Ipod Song Download

Ipod Song Download
So you want to download songs to your ipod and you do not like the fact that Itunes is charging a per download fee. Honestly, I do not understand why there is no flat rate available at itunes. This is a huge disadvantage and they make people look for alternative cheaper places to download ipod songs, ipod videos, ipod games, and ipod movies. I am one of those who realy does not like itunes. They are too expensive and the ipod downloads offered are limited.
I tried downloading Tracy Chapmans "Fast Car". Guess what? It is not available from the itunes store. Can you believe that! After this I started looking for an alternative ipod download site. And I found one I really love.
It is called My Ipod Downloads and they do NOT charge a pay per download fee (it's just $30 for a year with unlimited downloads). They also offer millions of files ready you can download to your ipod instantly. In fact so far I found every song I was looking for and every movie I was searching for. My Ipod Downloads is without a doubt the best Ipod song download site! To visit My Ipod Download click here

WinXP Sharing With Vista

WinXP Sharing With Vista
You don't have to choose between them, with a planning both can run on the same system
Howdy traveler, back for some more of everything Vista. Today well be discussing the steps required to keep both Win XP and Vista on the same computer for your convenient use, so you can take advantage of both operating systems best features. Well if you're ready, let's we hit the road to Dual-boot heaven.
So, you don't want to choose between them, Windows XP offers the best overall speed, best notebook battery life, and best hardware and software compatibility. But Windows Vista, on the other hand, offers an amazing new interface, new Direct X 10 graphics, potentially better security features, and compatibility that is improving as each month of fixes appears.
The best news is you don't have to decide between the two operating systems at all. With just a little preparation and mental-sweat, you can have the best of both WinXP and Vista installed at the same time on your PC, with a trusty OS selection menu appearing at boot time to let you choose your poison. Were about to cover how to add Vista to WinXP (and remove it if you've changed your mind), how to add WinXP to Vista, and go over the prickly issue of licensing concerns.
First things first, a few words about the Windows Vista EULA (End-User License Agreement) to keep you up at night, just about every version of Vista is attainable three ways; retail, OEM, (original equipment manufacturer), and upgrade. Both the OEM and retail editions of Vista have no restrictions regarding installation on a dual-boot computer, and in fact, both of these versions work just fine (If you were wondering, the OEM version doesn't have printed documentation and support from Microsoft but is priced significantly less than retail, while the difference between the street prices of Vista Home Premium retail and OEM averages about $115).
Microsoft didn't intend the upgrade version be used in a dual-boot setup, so both its EULA and the installer found on the installation disc prohibit installing it this way. Its $75 lower price over the retail version is intended to reflect the "absorption" of your existing WinXP license, which means it, will replace WinXP on your hard drive. And just because Microsoft has designed a well documented workaround, whereby you install the upgrade version without entering your license key (which installs Vista in Trial Mode) and then reinstall Vista again from your "Trial Mode Vista" (this time entering you license key), doing so is a violation of the upgrade EULA, so we suggest you don't do this.
Like most people when you speak of dual-booting different operating systems, you're talking about loading two different operating systems onto a single hard drive, but there's an easier way to accomplish this, just have two hard drives.
Just about all new computers can boot from any installed hard drive, and pressing a special key (frequently F8 or ESC - check your PC BIOS [Basic Input/output System] startup screen) when booting (if you see the Windows setup screen, it's too late, and you'll need to try again) displays a bootable device menu, letting you select a boot device. If you happen to have several hard drives, each is normally listed in this menu. If you install WinXP in one computer and Vista on the other, booting from each drive loads its particular operating system.
This design makes a lot of sense if your existing hard drive is short of the space to install another OS, your computer has this boot menu feature, and the space to house a second OS exists. This doesn't work for most notebook computers because normally they only have room for one drive, but there are individual notebooks where it is possible.
The easiest way to implement the dual-drive shortcut is to turn off your computer, temporarily disconnect your existing hard drive (which has your original OS), connect your new hard drive, and install the new operating system to the newly connected hard drive. When completed, just reconnect the old drive, press the hardware boot menu key, and select the hard drive that has your desired OS.
Well that's it for this hub, were ready to add Vista to your WinXP operating system and if you join me next time we will show you how to accomplish this feat of computer magic. This hub should have prepared you to make the move to dual-boot heaven, and allow you to enjoy the best features and capabilities of both Windows XP and Vista. Join us next hub as we will show you the sweet moves you'll need to make to make your dream of having Vista and Windows XP on the same computer and have you singing in the shower.

Free iPod Downloads

Free iPod Donwloads and Where to get them
So you are looking for freeipod downloads?
Look no further!
If so, then there's 1000's of videos you can add to your Ipod in a matter of minutes. Fom the latest movies to all the older classics, there's heaps for you to choose from.
Hate Itunes huge per download fees??
Another downside is that the amount of songs, movies, and games for ipod is limited.
Then you should probabaly take a look at:
>>> iPod Download Pro.
This site has been voted the number 1 Ipod download site on the net.
And one of the reasons is because you don't have to pay for per download fees. So this is going to save you money in the long run.
Not only do you get movies, but you can download music, tv shows and much more.
Ipod Download Pro is the fastest and easiest way to add all the movies and songs you want to your iPod and take this amazing media player where ever you go.

Software tips, tricks and tweaks

When your software is possessed, who do you call?
Sometimes I'm trying to get more out of the software. Other times I'm trying to get the software to work properly! Manuals can sometimes be a help - hah, try and find the manual! Tech support can sometimes help - hah, try to get... we'll we won't go there.
My most consistent resource for help in solving software problems is the user or IT person who has gone down that path before me. And bless them; they often document that path and that solution on the internet!
Of course you can google and get a million results! I've assembled some of the best software tips, tricks and tweaks web site resources that I've come across. They are grouped by software product: Microsoft Vista, Firefox, Office 2007, Outlook, Outlook Express, etc. If you've found another great software info resource, please let me know.
You may not have a software problem today, but be sure to bookmark this page as a future starting point.
HubPage construction note: This HubPage is a union of Squidoo and HubPages. I've taken advantage of a Squidoo feature called Plexo to create link lists that users can rate, and add to. I've used the HubPage power to bring all those lists together. So clicking on one of the resource links below will take you to the Squidoo managed list. Be sure to come back to this HubPage, or better yet please bookmark this page.

MS Office 2007 Tips, Tricks and Tweaks
MS Office 2007 Tips, Tricks and Tweaks ResourcesMicrosoft Office 2007 is quite a departure from prior versions of MS Office! Not only is there a new look to the toolbar and menu structure, navigation, operation and file structures are new.

Firefox Tips, Tricks and Tweaks
Firefox tips, tricks, and tweaks resourcesFirefox appeals to users for lots of reasons. Security was the main argument given for switching from IE to the fox, but usability and control have to rank high these days. Functionality cries out for tips, control cries out for tweaks, and all users

Windows Vista Tips, Tricks and Tweaks
Windows Vista Tips, Tricks and Tweaks ResourcesLike a snowball rolling down hill, Microsoft Vista will eventually roll over most desktops... Since it's inevitable, we all need help. Here are some resources in these early days...

Microsoft Outlook Tips, Tricks and Tweaks...
Microsoft Outlook Tips, Tricks and Tweaks ResourcesOutlook and Outlook Express are the two most widely used PC Email clients. Many users aren't even sure which program they are using, but they depend on it! Here are some resources to assist the user and get more out of this application.

Adsense Toolbar Puts Adsense Stats on Desktop

I just installed this SysSense toolbar on my computer and wanted to share. What make this particularly cool is that it updates in real time and stays ahead of your regular Adsense statistics. No more waiting for the Adsense website to update every 30 minutes or so. This is freeware too, so bookmark this page if you can't download it now.
SysSense is your persona desktop Google AdSense monitor. It keeps your current Google AdSense information in the Windows system tray. You can monitor an unlimited number of Google AdSense accounts. A sound and/or system tray icon balloon can be configured to alert you when your statistics have changed.
See adsense earnings on your windows desktop without having to login to google adsense each time using your browser.

8 Firefox extensions you don't want to live without

I am not going to start a browser war here. I am just going to assume that the entire IT-savvy world is using Firefox. If you are not yet there, there is still hope. Please seek it at . * chuckle *
And if you are using Firefox, you will need to add on extensions. I used the word "need" because not loading Firefox with extensions is really not doing it justice. Extensions literally e-x-p-a-n-d the capability of this already-powerful browser.
Here, allow me to introduce 8 extensions that I am currently using. You risk your neck if you try to take any away from me. :P
#1: All-in-One Gestures
Get this extension at either or This extension allows you to further exploit your mouse. There are some wonderful shortcuts that we can customize. (I will share more in a coming article... stay tuned!)
#2: Clear Private Data...
Get this extension at I like it because it helps to clean my browser with just 2 clicks. With it, I can clear my cache and cookies easily. Good for those who are paranoid about privacy. ^^
NOTE: A friend alerted me that this extension can be replaced by a simple shortcut - just do a ctrl-shift-del. Bingo. ^^
#3: CoLT
Get this extension at either . CoLT adds two menu items to the browser's context menu that will show when you right-click on a hyperlink. If you need to copy regularly underlying link locations or link text, this is a very handy extension.
#4: Download Statusbar
Get this extension at This extension replaces the default download window. Instead of viewing the status of your downloads by pressing ctrl-j, you can cut to the chase by monitoring the progress at your status bar. You also get several other useful options without needing to click elsewhere.
#5: Fasterfox
Get this extension at This extension provides performance and network tweaks for Firefox. If you are always complaining of slow surfing, you need to get this. Enable the "Turbo Charged" preset and you are all set to fly.
#6: Greasemonkey
Get this extension at either It allows you to customize the way a webpage displays using small bits of JavaScript. There are many free scripts available at that need Greasemonkey to interface. (I will share more in a coming article... stay tuned!)
#7: IE Tab
Get this extension at either . I know I have said that Firefox beats other browsers hands-down. However, there remain some obstinate websites that need Microsoft Internet Explorer to work properly. This extension will then come in useful since you can get IE tabs within Firefox itself.
#8: Inline Google Definition
Get this extension at I simply love this extension. Just with a simple highlighting of the word and choosing the command in the context menu, I get the definition straight away in a very pretty popup window that can be resized and floated. It is the equivalent of typing "define:xxx" in google search.

View your adsense earning realtime

Adsense Notifier you can look at your $$$ while browsing. All on your eyes
For download, go to: sure you have mozilla firefox.
Another one is desktop application named: Adsense Earning tool 1.2 . The function is similar to Adsense Notofier. You can download here.

American Pie

Nominated for zero Academy Awards, American Pie is a lewd, crude teenage comedy that's probably the funniest movie of 1999. In the tradition of Animal House, Fast Times At Ridgemont High, and other such comedies, the film makes its mark as one of the better written screenplays in the genre. The clever one-liners and memorable scenes are so abundant that few seconds of the film lack one or the other. If you can't laugh at American Pie, then you've got serious problems. Along with Office Space and There's Something About Mary, it's one of the best comedies of its time…

Jason Biggs plays the role of Jim Levenstein a normal high school student in American suburbia. Together with his friends Chris 'Oz' Ostreicher (Chris Klein), Kevin Myers (Thomas Ian Nicholas), and Paul Finch (Eddie Kaye Thomas), he makes a pact to lose his virginity by prom night. Seeing that it's senior year, the task calls for immediate attention, and the four friends find that it's not as easy as they had originally planned.

Kevin's task seems to be the easiest as he is involved with long-time girlfriend Vicky Lathum (Tara Reid). Meanwhile, Chris joins the chorus (discovering he has an unknown talent off the lacrosse field) where he falls for Heather (Mena Suvari) who initially wants nothing to do with him. Finch relies on self-perpetuated rumors to make his personal stock rise, while Jim comes close to doing the deed with the beautiful foreign exchange student Nadia (Shannon Elizabeth). When Nadia is sent home, Jim's hopes rest on band camp survivor Michelle Flaherty (Alyson Hannigan). As prom night closes in, each must determine his own fate, while wondering what the final outcome was for his friend…

In American Pie, Eugene Levy steals the show as Jim's father. His monotone, straight-forward attempts to be hip and to befriend his son are gut-busting in nature. His feeble attempts to explain sex and his encounter with Jim and the pie in the kitchen are some of the funniest scenes in the movie. That's saying a lot, because American Pie is a hilarious movie with lots of buzz words like "M.I.L.F." and quirky characters like Steve Stifler (Seann William Scott). That said, only a certain age demographic will find American Pie to be among their film favorites.

Scenes such as the Internet cam with Jim and Nadia will be forever famous, and the movie lacks any sort of a slowdown. From beginning to end, the laughs are truly non-stop. Following its release, American Pie became an instant cult classic, influencing its target generation and pioneering the depths of the young adult vocabulary. Because of its utterly hilarious scenes and prominent role in the teenage comedy genre, American Pie ranks as a definite must-see movie…

Google Analytics Blog: Urchin Software Beta Now Public

Google Analytics Blog: Urchin Software Beta Now Public

Google Analytics Blog: Learn about Landing Page Optimization

Google Analytics Blog: Learn about Landing Page Optimization

Blog Traffic - Keywords Search

In my earlier posts I have told that one need to do keyword research for the subject of his/her blog. And try to find popular keywords. Then after finding this keyword one should use it in domain name ,title etc as I have said in my earlier post.

Now how to do this keyword research ? What are the free tools available ?

Please check following sites for keyword research. ( go for free trial)

After finding the keywords , you need not select the most popular one , because sometimes you can not get top ranking for that keyword. So you need to choose smartly among the popular keywords. For this will be useful.

Please comment as how you find this post.

Blog Traffic

In my earlier posts, I have mainly written about search engine optimization , because it starts form choosing domain name , so new blogger can have benefit and bloggers who are already having blogs can optimize their new posts.

But search engine though a main source for traffic , it is not the only the source which a blogger should explore for traffic . There are many other sources for blog traffic and in this post we will discuss about that.

We will list those blog traffic sources with some explanation and list websites where you need to sign up. So I am trying to give information as What to do ? How to do it and where ( which websites) to do it , to make it easier for new and average bloggers. And they need not run here and there finding resources.

1)Blog Traffic Source #1 :
Blog directories : You need to submit to few popular blog directories after you have at least 5- 10 posts on your blog. Most of the blog directories will ask you to give reciprocal link on your blog. In some cases you need to enter reciprocal link url , then you can create a new post for giving links to such directories rather than giving link on main page of the blog. If they ask for RSS feed please enter You also need to enter your keywords as Tags or generate tags . Some directories will ask for specific size banner , so design a banner using software like photoshop , upload it at free space like and provide the link of the banner to the blog directories. For example banner for this blog is at
Popular blog directories are listed below which allows free submission , please do not go for paid submission.

2) Blog Traffic Source #2 :
Comments, Emails, Profiles , chat , groups : You need to comment on other blogs , develop relations with bloggers . This leads to visits from this blogs and bloggers.
You can send at least 10 emails per day writing about your blog and requesting to visit .Please do not send bulk mails or spam mails. You can mention about your blog in your profiles at google, yahoo, myspace , facebook etc. and also in chats , groups . You can answer at websites like for related questions mentioning about your blog.

3) Blog Traffic Source #3 :
Linking to other blogs: You can ask for link to your blog or post to other blogs and you also need to reciprocate by giving link to other blogs or posts. This leads to link building and more traffic . Link building is beneficial for search engine ranking.

4) Blog Traffic Source #4 :
Forums, discussions,community, groups : From the list of websites given below , on many of them you will find discussions , groups , forums, communities .You can join groups /communities or create new one .You can take part in discussions /forums . Ask for help or give help .This leads to more traffic to your blog.

5) Blog Traffic Source #5 :
Socializing : site.You can find more here - .
What all you can do at is at is a social network . You need to download and install a toolbar, then, when surfing the net, if you like a page and you want to share it with the community, you press a button (you stumble the page), and the page goes into the StumbleUpon circuit. On the toolbar, you also have the Stumble button, which, once pressed, shows you pages stumbled by other members.You can use stumble upon without toolbar also , once you have a account there.

6) Blog Traffic Source #6 :
Writing and submitting articles /posts / reviews : You can write articles for others / reviews for products or services . Please check websites like ,

7) Blog Traffic Source #7 :
Converting new visitor to regular visitor - Write better providing sufficient information on the subject with proper home work done. Group /Categorize / List /Organize the content properly so it becomes easier to read and understand . Add pictures and video where ever possible to make post colorful and attractive. Rather then writing longer, cover all information in less words because on internet , visitor wants more information in less time.
Providing rewards, free e books ,contest etc - You can provide some type of reward to visitors /bloggers like link or few dollar prize for comments /review of your blog or have a contest on your blog . You can write a e-book yourself and offer to download it free or you can use free e-books available on internet . This encourages visitors to stay more , visit again , subscribe to your blog posts etc. Please note that buying and selling of links is against search engine guidelines/policies.

8) Blog Traffic Source #8 :
Branding , banners , free banner exchange - You can think of nice logo / banner /header picture for your blog with a slogan /punch line for it . You can use that logo on you posts , emails , profiles etc . As your blog grows and if related to business/products/service , you can go for brand name . While submitting your blog to directories ,some of them asks for banner so you can submit your banner here. There are free banner exchange programs run by blogs and blog directories , you can participate in that. I will try to provide list of websites for this.

9) Blog Traffic Source #9 :
Try other media : Think creative . Where else you can mention about your blog or display your blog . Some newspapers allows you to submit your post to them and they publish selected posts in their newspaper with blog name. So try sending your blog posts to print media.Can you display your blog url on your vehicle ? Your t-shirt?

10) Blog Traffic Source #10 :
Paid promotion : All the above options are free to use but you need to spend many hours on internet . So if you do not have time , you can go for paid blog advertising like google adwords and other paid promotions .Please do not buy links .Please keep good and sufficient content on your blog and basic blog promotion done before going for advertising .

11) Blog Traffic Source #11 :
Mobile blogging : Blogspot offers you to post using your mobile. Many socializing sites now offer mobile future , this saves on your time .So if you efficiently use this feature you can save time to be active more at other promotional activities which leads to more traffic.

List of the websites ( I will keep this updating) :

1) - Blog directory ,discussions , Groups.
2) - Blogdirectory
4) - Directory , forum ,Polls
5) Blogtoplist
6) Bloghub

Managing better : You need to register on above sites so it is better to keep a separate email address for blogging and common username , password for all these accounts. Also wherever possible subscribe/forward all your discussions , replies, comments to this email id so that you can check them all in one session and does not miss anything and more you remain active at any of the websites , more will be your points /visibility /traffic .

I will keep updating this post .Please tell how you find this post , your comments and suggestions are welcome.

Video To Audio Cutter

Video To Audio Cutter v2.00 8 MB

This is an easy-using digital video to audio editor. It builds video to audio cutter and video to audio converter in one software. supporting batch video to audio splitter . It can extract the best parts of various video files. It can also join the best parts of many video files together. No quality is lost. It's very useful for those people who collect many music VIDEOs and want to save a sound segment from VIDEO for some reasons.

This is an easy-using digital video to audio editor. It builds video to audio cutter and video to audio converter in one software. supporting batch video to audio splitter . It can extract the best parts of various video files. It can also join the best parts of many video files together. No quality is lost.

It's very useful for those people who collect many music VIDEOs and want to save a sound segment from VIDEO for some reasons.

Supports video to audio cutting. split directly without costing any other disk space.

Support fast batch conversion. With a small video player built-in, you can set begin-time/end-time just when pre-listening the file.

Supports AVI, WMV, ASF, MPG and MPEG format.

- cut a piece from a big Video file.
- Extract audio from AVI, WMV, ASF, MPEG, MPG, VCD to MP3, WAV, WMA, OGG.
- Easy-to-use and fast batch conversion.
- Rich options of MP3 encoder, WMA encoder and OGG encoder. Support MP3 VBR and OGG VBR.
- With a small player built in for pre-listening.
- Visually define the time you want to cut at by using slider bar.
- Support edit file name.
- Time precision of second.

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Minimum System Requirements:
Processor type :Intel® Pentium®
Processor speed: 200 MHz
Memory (Cache): 128 MB RAM
Harddisk: IDE or SCSI
Operating system: Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003
Graphics: 256 colors @ 800 x 600
Soundcard: Sound Blaster-compatible sound card

Camtasia Studio

Camtasia Studio is the complete professional solution for recording, editing and sharing high-quality screen video on the Web, CD-ROM and portable media players, including iPod. Easily record your screen, PowerPoint, multiple audio tracks, and webcam video to create compelling training videos, screencasts, and presentations without ever leaving your desk. With the power of interactive Camtasia Studio videos, you can deliver high-quality content anytime, to even your most remote audience.


Precision Recording
· Record all or any portion of the screen.
· Record webcam video.
· Record voice narration and system audio.
· Record all elements of a PowerPoint presentation, including slide timing, animations and voice narration.
· Record mouse clicks and keystrokes.
· Record layered windows and application interaction.
· Capture single frames for still image AVI slideshow.
· Step through the recording process with the aid of a Recording Wizard.
· Use TechSmith TSCC Codec to get high-performance video compression for fast and smooth recording.

Add Emphasis
· Highlight and alter cursor with onscreen visual effects.
· Add multiple-choice quizzes.
· Draw on the screen with pens, highlights using ScreenPad.
· Cycle through ScreenPad tools and layouts with Hotkeys.
· Use Hotkeys to zoom in and out.
· Zoom in on a smaller portion of the window and have the video window follow the cursor.

· Preview audio levels prior to recording narration.
· Record audio input from microphone.
· Use time-lapse recording.
· Add time stamps and text captions to videos.
· Record annotation drawings with ScreenDraw.
· Add text notes while recording.
· Add and change text in ScreenPad shapes.
· Add a watermark
Edit and Enhance

Add, Cut, Splice and Join Clips
· Add video from digital video files, for personal video introductions, in WMV, MPEG and AVI formats.
· Add audio clips (WAV, MP3).
· Add still images (BMP, JPG, GIF).
· Select and cut portions of a video clip or multiple video clips.
· Select a single frame of a video to separate one video file into two.
· Zoom in and out on the timeline to edit with frame-by-frame precision.
· Select a single frame to export as a BMP file.
· Extend the duration of the exported bitmap file or video file to accommodate more lengthy explanation.
· Edit, review, cut and join AVI clips.
· Preview your edits and transitions in real-time.
· Resize and detach the video preview window.
· Chose from 18 new video transitions between clips.

Add, Edit Audio
· Narrate an entire timeline.
· Use microphone to record new narration while viewing video clips.
· Record audio from applications (sound card driver dependent).
· Add a second audio track, including background music or second language tracks for international audiences.
· Record and/or edit audio for a single image (BMP, JPG, GIF).
· Narrate a series of still images to create a slideshow playable in standard media players.
· Trim and attach WAV audio files from video clips.
Add Emphasis
· Add Flash Hot Spots to simulate applications and add onscreen navigation.
· Provide users with clickable areas to either continue video, jump to another frame or go to a URL.
· Zoom-n-Pan in over time or cut immediately to a focused area of the screen to make full-screen recording playable on the smallest PC and handheld screens.
· Add callouts, annotations and text notes to AVI videos after recording.
· Customize the callout text, font face and size.
· Customize the callout color, shape and location.
· Customize the callout duration and speed of the fade in and out.
· Use timeline bar to choose where and when annotations appear in videos.
Download:Camtasia Studio

Antenna Web Design Studio 2.7

Antenna enables you to make great looking web sites rapidly. Create a professional web site to promote yourself or your company. Publish your site online or distribute on CD as an interactive CV. Be seen - make a good impression - get noticed!

You can create your own web pages and digital photo galleries in minutes, without any HTML knowledge. Antenna's powerful editor is entirely visual, and pixel accurate - putting you in control. Wherever you drag & drop text, pictures, buttons, flash animation and movies on the page, that's exactly where they will appear in the web browser.

When you are ready to publish your site, you won't need to buy any additional software - Antenna has its own publisher built in, and it can be set to publish changes only, so you can update your site very quickly.

You can also create smooth gradient backgrounds and attractive glossy buttons without switching between applications - it's all built in! Give yourself a competitive edge and dip your toes into the international scene at any time - make any part of your web site multilingual. And if you need a hand there's a set of free online tutorials and expert tips, a comprehensive 100 page fully illustrated colour User Guide and free technical support.
Download: Web Design Studio

PowerBoot 1.00 Symbian.9

PowerBoot is the solution for people who want to run some certain applications on their cellular phones upon booting up. PowerBoot maintains a startup list of applications and run them when the phone is switched on. Phone users can modify the startup list in PowerBoot. It is just like the micr030ft Windows startup folder on PC.

PowerBoot is designed for advanced mobile phone users. User determines which applications he wants to run and selects them in PowerBoot. The user himself should ensure his selected applications would not cause any problem.

Download: Powerboot

Symantec Antivirus With Updates For Mobiles 2008

FeaturesProtects smartphones that use the Symbian 60 or 80 platform, including selected models from Nokia, Panasonic, Samsung, and other leading manufacturers

Detects and automatically removes viruses, worms, Trojan horses, and evolving malicious code

Built-in firewall monitors all inbound and outbound LAN/WAN communications, blocking suspicious connection attempts
Safeguards your phone as soon as it’s installed, automatically turning on virus protection and closing vulnerable ports
Comes as an easy-to-use service with downloadable software
One-time fee lets you use the service for two years*
LiveUpdate™ Wireless lets you download software and protection updates wirelessly

AutoProtect runs continuously in the background, providing real-time protection by scanning for malicious code in SMS, EMS, MMS, HTTP, and email files
On-demand scans allow you to check for viruses in individual files, file archives, and applications whenever you like

User Alerts let you know when a virus has been found, when new protection updates are available, and when the service is about to expire
Easy installation can be performed by synchronizing from your PC, or via a wireless download directly to your smartphone

Backed by Symantec Security Response, the world’s leading Internet security research and response team.

How to rename multiple files with Windows

Whenever you want to rename multiple files with the same piece of text and an individual number for each file, as in photo1.jpg, photo2.jpg and so on, you usually either have to do this manually or use a batch rename program. Yet, Windows has the facility to do this, albeit in a rough-and-ready way.

To rename multiple files, select all the files you wish to rename (in a previous post I looked at various ways of selecting multiple files). Then either right-click on any of the files and select Rename from the context menu (this method is demonstrated in the following video), or press F2. Type in the new name of the file - including the file extension if it is visible (eg. .doc, .jpg, etc) - and press Enter. All the other selected files will be renamed with an individual number in brackets. So, if you type in photo.jpg, the next file will be called photo (1).jpg, the next photo (2).jpg and so on.



You can use control level processing to create structured lists. Control levels are determined by the contents of the fields that are to be displayed. there is a control level change whenever the content of a field changes. This means that there is no point in creating control levels unless the data are sorted.

The data to be displayed must be saved temporarily if you want to use control level processing. You can also use internal tables and intermediate datasets.

You can use an array fetch in a SELECT statement to fill an internal table in one go.

You can use the APPEND statement to insert table entries at the end of an internal table. The variant of the APPEND statement on the slide is permitted only for standard or sorted tables. After an APPEND statement, system field SY-TABIX contains the index value of the newly inserted table entry.

You use the COLLECT statement to generate unique or compressed datasets. The contents of the work area of the internal table are recorded as a new entry at the end of the table or are added to an existing entry. The latter occurs when the internal table already contains an entry with the same key field values as those currently in the work area. The numeric fields that do not belong to the key are added to the corresponding fields of the existing entry.

When the COLLECT statement is used, all the fields that are not part of the key must be numeric.

The SORT statement sorts the entries in internal table in ascending order. If the addition BY ..., is missing, then the key assigned when the table was defined is used.

If addition BY ... is used, then fields , , ... are used as sort keys. The fields can be of any type.

You can use the additions ASCENDING and DESCENDING with the SORT statement to determine whether the fields are sorted in ascending (default) or descending order.

For more information about the SORT statement, please refer to appendix documentation DAP-3.

You can use the loop statement LOOP AT ... ENDLOOP to process an internal table. The data records in the internal table are processed sequentially.

The CONTINUE statement can be used to prematurely exit the current loop pass and skip to the next pass.

The EXIT statement can be used to exit loop processing.

At the end of loop processing (after ENDLOOP), return value sy-subrc indicates whether the loop was passed or not.

SY-SUBRC = 0: The loop was passed at least once
SY-SUBRC = 4: The loop was not passed because no entry was available.

You can use special control structures for control level processing. All the structures begin with AT and end with ENDAT. These control structures can only be used within a LOOP.

The statement blocks AT FIRST and AT LAST are run exactly once: at the first AT FIRST and at the last AT LAST loop.

The statements within AT NEW ... ENDAT are executed when the value of field changes within the current LOOP (start of a control level) or the value of one of the fields in the table definition (further to the left).

The statements within AT END OF ... ENDAT are executed when the value of field changes during the next LOOP (end of a control level) or the value of one of the fields in the table definition (further to the left).

At entry of the control level (directly after AT), - all fields with the same character types after (to the right of) the current control level key are filled with "*" - all other fields after (to the right of) the current control level key are set to default values.

When a control structure is exited (at ENDAT), all fields of the query area are filled with the data from the current loop pass.

The SUM statement supplies the respective group totals in the query area of the LOOP in all fields of TYPE I, F and P.

The control level structure in internal tables is static. It corresponds exactly to the sequence of columns in the internal table (from left to right). In particular, the control level structure for internal tables is independent of the criteria used to sort the internal table. The table must be sorted according to the internal table fields.

When you implement control level processing, you must follow the sequence of individual control levels within the LOOP as illustrated in the slide. The sequence follows the sequence of fields in the internal table and is therefore also the sort sequence.

The processing block between AT FIRST and ENDAT is executed before processing of the single lines begins. The processing block AT LAST and ENDAT is executed after all single lines have been processed.

RFC in R/3

RFC provides interface shims for different operating systems and platforms, which provide the communication APIs for doing RFC from and to R/3.

SAP R/3 is designed as a multiserver architecture. Therefore, R/3 is equipped with a
communication architecture that allows data exchange and communication between
individual R/3 application and database servers. This communication channel also
enables R/3 to execute programs running on a remotely connected server using RFC

SAP R/3 provides special routines to enable RFC from and to R/3 for several
operation systems. For NT and WINDOWS the DLLs are delivered with the
SAPGUI Non SAP R/3 programs can access function modules in R/3, which is done by
calling an SAP provided interface stem. Interfaces exist for UNIX, Windows and
IBM S/390 platforms.

R/3 systems which are tied together via TCP/IP are always RFC capable. One R/3
system can call function modules in a remote RFC system, just as if the function
where part of the own calling system.

A function module can be called via RFC if the function has RFC enabled. This is a
simple flag on the interface screen of the function.

Enabling RFC for a function does not change the function. The only difference
between RFC-enabled and standard functions is that RFC functions have some
restriction: namely, they cannot have untyped parameters.

A text in SAP is an ordinary document, not a customizing or development object.
Therefore, texts are never automatically transported from a development system to a
production system. This example helps to copy text into a remote system.

R/3 RFC is not limited to communication between R/3 systems. Every computer providing
support for the RFC protocol can be called from R/3 via RFC. SAP provides necessary API libraries for all operating systems which support R/3 and many major programming languages e.g. C++, Visual Basic or Delphi.

Calling a program via RFC on a PC or a UNIX system is very much like calling it in
another R/3 system. Indeed, the calling system will not even be able to recognize
whether the called program runs on another R/3 or on a PC.

To make a system RFC compliant, you have to run an RFC server program on the
remote computer. This program has to have a calling interface which is well defined
by SAP. In order to create such a server program, SAP delivers an RFC
development kit along with the SAPGUI.

The RFC call to Windows follows the OLE/ACTIVE-X standard, while UNIX is
connected via TCP/IP RFC which is a standard in all TCP-compliant systems.

In order to call rfcexec, it has to be defined as a TCP/IP destination in SM59. R/3
comes with two destinations predefined which will call rfcexec either on the R/3
application server SERVER_EXEC or on the front end LOCAL_EXEC.

By specifying another computer name you can redirect the call for RFCEXEC to the
named computer. Of course, the target computer needs to be accessible from the R/3
application server (not from the workstation) and have rfcexec installed.

The object interface of rfcexec supports two methods only, which are called as
remote function call from R/3.

RFC Remote Function Call

A remote function call RFC enables a computer to execute a program an a different computer within the same LAN, WAN or Internet network. RFC is a common UNIX feature, which is found
also in other object-oriented operating systems. R/3 provides special DLLs for WINDOWS, NT
and UNIX to allow RFC calls from and to R/3.

A Remote Function Call enables a computer to execute a program an another computer. The
called program is executed locally on the remote computer using the remote computer’s
environment, CPU and data storage.

Remote function call is one of the great achievements of TCP/IP networks. Every computer within the network can accept an RFC-call and decides whether it wants to execute the request. Every modern FTP server implementation includes the RFC calling feature.

A classical network server stores the program code in a central location. When the program is called, the code will be transported via the network to the calling computer workstation and executed on the calling computer, consuming the caller’s resources of CPU, memory and disk.

An RFC calls the program on the remote computer. It is just like stepping over to the remote computer, typing in the program command line with all parameters and waiting for the result to be reported back to the calling computer. The calling computer does not provide any resources other than the parameters specified with the call.

Here is again what an RFC does.

• It calls the program on a remote computer and specify parameters if and as

• The remote computer decides whether to fulfil the request and execute the

• Every manipulation done by the called program is effective in the same way as if the program had started on the remote system.

• The calling program task waits meanwhile for the called program to terminate.

• When the RFC program terminates, it returns result values if applicable.

• The called program needs not to be present on the calling computer.

• The called program can be run under a completely different operation system,so you can call a WINDOWS program from UNIX and vice versa.

A typical RFC example is the internet with a web browser as the RFC client and the web server as the RFC server. Executing a server applet e.g. via CGI or a JAVA or JAVASCRIPT server side applet is actually a remote function call from the web browser to the HTTP server.

If R/3 is doing RFC calls into another system, then it does exactly what a browser does when performing a request on the HTTP or FTP server.




CUST_NO-LOW = '01'.
CUST_NO-HIGH = '5000'.








AT user-command.



18 'NAME',
63 'CITY',



42 'DATE',
87 'DOC DATE',








*& Form ITEM_DET




REPORT demo_list_at_pf.

WRITE 'Basic List, Press PF5, PF6, PF7, or PF8'.

AT pf5.

AT pf6.

AT pf7.

AT pf8.

FORM out.
WRITE: 'Secondary List by PF-Key Selection',
/ 'SY-LSIND =', sy-lsind,
/ 'SY-UCOMM =', sy-ucomm.

After executing the program, the system displays the basic list. The user can press the function keys F5 , F6 , F7 , and F8 to create secondary lists. If, for example, the 14th key the user presses is F6 , the output on the displayed secondary list looks as follows:

Secondary List by PF-Key Selection



Example for AT USER-COMMAND.

REPORT demo_list_at_user_command NO STANDARD PAGE HEADING.

WRITE: 'Basic List',
/ 'SY-LSIND:', sy-lsind.

WRITE 'Top-of-Page'.

CASE sy-pfkey.
WRITE 'Self-defined GUI for Function Codes'.

sy-lsind = sy-lsind - 1.

CASE sy-ucomm.
WRITE / 'Button FUN 1 was pressed'.
WRITE / 'Button FUN 2 was pressed'.
WRITE / 'Button FUN 3 was pressed'.
WRITE / 'Button FUN 4 was pressed'.
WRITE / 'Button FUN 5 was pressed'.
sy-lsind = sy-lsind - 1.

FORM out.
WRITE: 'Secondary List',
/ 'SY-LSIND:', sy-lsind,
/ 'SY-PFKEY:', sy-pfkey.

When you run the program, the system displays the following basic list with a the page header defined in the program:

You can trigger the AT LINE-SELECTION event by double-clicking a line. The system sets the status TEST and deactivates the function code PICK. The status TEST contains function codes FC1 to FC5. These are assigned to pushbuttons in the application toolbar. The page header of the detail list depends on the status.

Here, double-clicking a line no longer triggers an event. However, there is now an application toolbar containing five user-defined pushbuttons. You can use these to trigger the AT USER-COMMAND event. The CASE statement contains a different reaction for each pushbutton.

For each interactive event, the system decreases the SY-LSIND system field by one, thus canceling out the automatic increase. All detail lists now have the same level as the basic list and thus overwrite it. While the detail list is being created, SY-LSIND still has the value 1.