Why is google spelled wrong? - two lls

I am guessing that most of you have already visited Google's homepage today and saw it's new modified logo. Surprised to see the way it is spelled? "Why is Google spelled wrong? Why does Google have two "l"s? Today's logo has two "l"s and is spelled as "Googlle". Now everyone is asking why that is and the answer is that today's Google's 11th birthday and that's why they decided to play with their logo to make the two "l"s look like 11.

Google has come a very long way in the last eleven years. The search giant is the most popular site and search engine in the world. It started with a search engine but now it is so much more than just that. It offers so many services like Google News, Maps, GMail, Earth etc.

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what is the definition of twitter patted

"what is the definition of twitter patted"

Now you might be wondering what in the world I am going to write about and why is that my post title. The reason is traffic. Twitter is a very popular social networking site which is now worth $1 billion. A lot of searches conducted at search engines are related to Twitter these days. So I was using a keyword tool that was telling me how many searches are conducted specific to keywords. I found several popular keywords such as "what is twitter", "what is twittering" etc. So why did I land at this keyword: "what is the definition of twitter patted". The answer is low competition. If you search it on Google, you will see that there are fewer search results compared to when you search the other keywords. Fewer search results mean low competition and that means that there are better chances of SEO and Blogging Tips appearing on one of the first few search result pages.

Try this trick with some popular but less competitive keywords and enjoy the results.

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Google's new product: DoubleClick Ad Exchange

In a recent blog post, Google unveiled its latest product called DoubleClick Ad Exchange to compete in the market of display advertisement on the Internet. Google bought DoubleClick in March 2008 for more than $3 billion.

You may have noticed that nowadays, online ads are evolving from static to dynamic. You see video ads more often than before. These types of ads help advertisers sell their products and services.

Google has not been very successful in display ads market compared to Yahoo which leads the market by 12.5 percent market share. Google only owns 2 percent share.

According to Google, with this new system, they aim to improve display advertising in three ways:

  1. Simplify - Google hopes to simplify the system of display advertising so that publishers can buy ads from publishers easily. Google recognizes that due to so many options, sometimes it can be really hard to buy ads from publishers.
  2. Detailed Reports - What good is marketing if you cannot monitor it properly? Through DoubleClick Ad Exchange, Google will make monitoring campaigns easier.
  3. "Open up the ecosystem" - Google wants to make display advertising accessible to everyone. A lot of businesses have still not tried their hands on display advertising.
With its new service, Google is ready to challenge Yahoo in the display advertisement market.

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Writing original content to gain backlinks

original contentFor a lot of bloggers and webmasters, having a website/blog with a good PageRank is very important since it determines how much money they will be making online. Thus, having a good pagerank is extremely vital. Now you see bloggers trying desperately hard to get a good pagerank for their sites. They use almost every way there is to gain backlinks regardless of their usefulness. For example, submitting to directories is not a very powerful way but still bloggers still use it because it does have some importance and if your website gets accepted into a directory, it is a free backlink for you. Important thing to remember is that inner pages of most of the directories hardly have any pagerank whatsoever. Thus, do not rely on directories only.

Bloggers also like to comment on other dofollow blogs to gain backlinks. First of all, how does commenting get you backlinks? Are you supposed to leave your website's URL in your comment? NO! Never leave your URL in the body of the comment. That's called SPAMMING and the blog owner will quickly delete your comment as soon as he sees the URL. Most, if not all, blogs allow you to leave your website's URL in the URL section. Only enter your URL there and no where else. Make sure your comments are relevant to the blog post and that you are not just posting random stuff. It's always better to leave detailed comments that raise important issues about the blog post. This way the author knows that you actually read the post and are interested in it. Blog commenting can also help you make friends with other bloggers and thus extend your network. You might like to read this post I wrote a while back about writing good comments. Similarly, you can also use forums and participate into discussions. And whenever you post a reply, your website's URL will be there in the signature.

However, probably the most effective and least time consuming way is to writing original and interesting content on your website. Come up with new ideas instead of just writing the same old stuff that your readers can found on any other site. You don't even have to post every day. Think about what you want to write, come up with innovative ideas and then publish your article every few days. If your post is really unique and interesting then your readers will share it with their friends. Other bloggers will write about it and thus get you even more links. One such post can have a huge impact on the amount of backlinks you get. And most importantly, it is not very time consuming. You do not have to do any repetitive directory submission or anything. Also, your blog's reputation goes up and the traffic increases. Thus, you are killing two birds with one stone.

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