How Blogging Got Me A Swatch!

I see all these make money online bloggers posting about what they bought from the money that they earned through blogging so I decided to write such a post myself as an inspiration for my readers. I don't like to talk rubbish and waste my readers' time so here are the three main points of this post:
  1. It IS possible to earn money via blogging!
  2. It WILL NOT make you rich overnight!
  3. It CAN get you a sexy Swatch!
Ever since I was in middle school, I had this insane craze to buy a Swatch watch. Actually, my friend had a swatch and I loved it! It was absolutely beautiful. Now, to be honest, I have seen other watches that look better than any Swatch watch yet Swatch is not as expensive as others and is still damn good and SEXY!

Finally, some years later, I am able to buy a watch for myself with money that I earned only from blogging. I got myself a Swatch Windfall that is worth $165.00 currently. You might think that it is a little expensive but it is worth every damn penny. Just take a look at the picture and I am sure you will love it.

It's an amazing feeling to have earned money solely from the internet and to buy something yourself without anyone's help. Now I am saving more money to get a nice laptop for college since I am doing Electrical Engineering. I am thinking of buying one of Dell laptops that are worth around $500-$800. Hopefully, I will be able to reach that target in two three months!

Thanks to my viewers for coming to my blog and making it what it is!

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Webmaster Serve - a forum for webmasters

Whether you are a newbie as a webmaster or an expert in the field, there is never enough that you can learn and there is nothing better than to share your experiences with other webmasters around. If you are a webmaster then you must check out this webmaster forum which has been creating some buzz recently. There are tons of discussions going here about many webmaster related activities such as web hosting, website development, ecommerce to name a few.

The Webmaster SEO Forum has great topics explaining a lot about Search Engine Optimization. There are specific sections as well, for example the UK SEO Forum has UK specific posts regarding SEO and Search Engine Marketing. Also, the Webmaster Marketplace allows you to do a bunch of trade such as buying or selling links, web hosting deals etc. With the forum having thousands of posts, it is quite a happening place. So, do check out this forum and learn some new tricks.

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Landing Pages - What to do when you want to buy one?

Landing pages are very important for small websites but it is not possible for everyone to create landing pages. Sometimes, it is useless to waste time by designing your own page when you can pay a small price and get them from someone .I am sure many of you waste a lot of time looking for landing page templates over the internet and most of the time you pay very high prices for them. Someone, knowing CSS can definitely create a page for himself or herself but some of the sites on the internet offer tons of landing pages for a very small cost.

One of such site,CSS Landing Pages, is the perfect portal for someone looking for cheap landing page templates. The website offers professionally developed landing pages with you having the option to choose from a variety of Landing Page Templates. With the templates you get a bunch of other utilities which includes a Graphics Package and a Guide eBook about Landing Pages. For a mere $19 we get the following services:

  • Variety of Landing Page Layouts in different colors and styles
  • 15 new Graphical Templates
  • Numerous graphic packages for websites
  • Our unique ebook for successful landing pages
  • Instant Delivery
There is a Landing Page Template Gallery where you can pick your favorite templates. The 10 Landing Page Layouts are all of different types. These pages are of mini site, sales letter. For each one of them, different themes are also available.

So, if you need to Buy Landing Page Templates then check this website out. I am sure you won't be disappointed.

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Earning Money From Buying and Selling Domains

There are numerous ways to earn money online and how much money you make depends on which way you choose and how much time you put into it. Obviously, some money making methods are easier than others. Today, I would like to talk about buying and selling domains. You may have heard of this technique before. It’s actually quite easy to understand as it just works like small businesses do. Businesses buy or produce a product at a certain price and then they sell it for a greater price. Thus, they get to enjoy the profit. Buying and selling domains is similar. You buy a domain and wait to sell it to the right customer to earn a profit. If you are smart and you know how this business works, you can earn a lot of money.

Of course, you need to know two important things: which domains to buy and where to register domains cheap. Firstly, you need to know which types of domains are in demand and which are not. Secondly, you need to know where to but the domains from at a cheap price. You can go to domain name registrars and make your purchase. Here is a list of ICANN accredited registrars to narrow your search.

Now that you have bought a domain, how do you sell it? I recently came across a post which contained a nice list of websites where you can buy and sell domains. You can meet a lot of customers at those forums and sites listed and make a lot of sales.
After some valuable experience, you will learn which domain names are valuable and which ones are not. So don't expect to make hundreds of dollars through your first sale because that will almost never happen.

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