Google PageRank Update - September 2008!!!!

Breaking news guys!!! There seems to be another Google PageRank update recently. I just discovered it today when I checked pagerank of my blogs. I searched online on different webmaster forums and it seems like other bloggers and webmasters are also experiencing a change in their PageRanks.

If you may remember, SEO and Blogging Tips's PageRank dropped from 4 to 1 in the last update. However, now it has increased to 3!! It still has not recovered fully but I am satisfied for the time being. May be in the next update, it will go up.

Also, another blog of mine had a PageRank 3 for a long time but now its PR is 4!!! Finally all the hard work that I put into that blog is paying off.

What about your blogs and websites? Did their PageRank change at all? Are you happy with the change? Please share with us.

Posted by Dan at SEO and Blogging Tips.
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Top 5 Reasons To Have a Poll Widget On Your Blog

Bloggers have mixed opinions about poll widgets. Some like them while others consider them to be a waste of valuable space. I am one of those bloggers who appreciate the value of having a poll widget on your blog. You may not know this but having a poll widget has several benefits. I am sure that you must have noticed that a lot of famous blogs have polls on their blogs. Today, I will be sharing with you my Top 5 reasons for having a poll widget. But first of all, what is a poll widget?

What is a poll widget?

Poll widgets are small widgets that you can place on your blogs or websites. The widget will ask the viewers a question and present them with some options. The readers can only vote once but sometimes they can choose more than one option for their answer. Once they have voted, they will see the current result of the poll.

Top 5 reasons to have a poll widget

1. Make your blog live! - No one likes a dead blog. Good blogs are always interactive and live. They are interactive and they let their readers contribute to the blog. Getting your readers to interact is always a good idea to make your blog successful.

2. Relevant traffic - Simply getting traffic to your blog does not make your blog popular. For a blog to truly succeed, it needs to get relevant traffic. But all the traffic tracking sites only tell you about how much traffic you are getting and nothing about the relevant traffic. So how do you figure that out? You can get an approximate idea about the amount of relevant traffic that your blog is getting through poll widgets. If you get more votes then you are getting some nice relevant traffic but if you are not then you need to do some SEO work on your blog!

3. Show off - Usually, it is not a good idea to show off a lot about your blog's success but sometimes it can be really useful. If you get great amount of relevant traffic then you should put up a poll widget. A high number of votes will tell your readers that your blog is very popular and they will appreciate your blog more and come more often!

4. Learn about readers - Another benefit of having a poll widget is that it lets you learn about your readers. You get to know about your readers' preferences and thus you can modify your blog according to that. Suppose, you put up a poll about post lengths. If most of your readers say that they find it difficult to read lengthy posts then you know that you should keep your posts short and concise.

5. New Post Ideas - Poll widgets are a great way to get some nice new ideas for your forthcoming posts. You can use polls to ask the viewers what they would like to read more about on your blog. You can also use the results of a poll to write a new post.

These were my 5 reasons for having a poll widget on your blog. I hope you learned something useful from this post.

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Link Love (2): 50 Great Tips To Increase Your Blog's Quality

I am sorry guys. I haven't been able to post Link Love recently due to heave work load. I promised I would share some nice articles with you every Sunday. It seemed like people really liked the last Link Love post. As I mentioned before, it is always nice to read other blogs and learn from them.

Main Article:
50 Ways to Take Your Blog to the Next Level by Chris Brogan

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Using Twitter To Drive Traffic To Your Blogs

twitterI had been hearing a lot about Twitter for the past few months but I was simply not interested in it. What good is a service that lets you post updates about your status? My Facebook account lets me do that, so why should I join Twitter? Well it turns out that Twitter is more than just about updating status. You can easily use it to drive traffic to your websites and blogs. You will probably not get too much traffic but it is definitely worth a try.

So How Does It Work?
Twitter does not have a lot of features. In fact, it has very minimum features. At Twitter, users are only allowed to update their status and send each other messages. That's it! Now you can choose to follow other members and get notified about their status changes. But before you start getting their updates, you need to start following them. Following a user basically means that you want to know about that users updates. It's like adding that user as your buddy on a networking site. Similarly, your followers will receive notifications about your updates.

How Do You Start?
  1. Get an account at Twitter - Signing up for an account is a very easy process and will not take more than few minutes.
  2. Start following - You need to start following as many people as possible on Twitter. It would be probably better to follow the people that have websites on the same topic as yours. However, there is no limit to how many people you can follow so just go ahead and start adding people. One good way to do this would be to find the profile of a famous blogger like Darren from ProBlogger and then just start following all of his followers.
  3. People will follow you - Now that you have started following people, they will start following you as well. However, not all the people you are following will do that. I am following 850 people and only 129 of them are following me. Nonetheless, it's worth it and as time passes, you will eventually start getting more followers.
  4. Update your status - Once you have a good number of followers, it is time for you to start posting your updates. Let other people know about your blog, latest blog posts and projects. The best thing about Twitter is that you can post URLs. Thus, when your followers see your updates, they will click on the URL.
Every time you write a new post or start working on a new project, just post an update on Twitter with the URL and you will get some nice traffic. Remember, Twitter will not be able to drive a lot of traffic to your blog or website but it will drive some traffic which can be very helpful at times.

I have an account at Twitter as well. If you would like to follow me and stay up to date with my blogs then check out my profile.

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Google's Browser - Chrome: Firefox And Internet Explorer Got Competition

Google Chrome logoOne of the most famous companies and websites in the world, Google, has decided to enter the browser market which is currently dominated by Microsoft's Internet Explorer and Mozilla's Firefox. Ever since Firefox was introduced, Internet Explorer has constantly lost its users. However, Internet Explorer is still the most used browser in the world. With such tough competition, hardly any company has the guts to introduce their own browser. But Google has done so. Google has launched its own internet browser called Google Chrome.

Few days ago, Google announced on its official blog that Google Chrome is now live. The new browser has quickly grabbed everyone's attention and why should it not? It is launched by Google! Looks like Google is all set to conquer the entire Internet. As my friend said, soon you will be able to "search google with [your] google browser, on [your] google pc, running a google OS. Cool."

Chrome Features
Google Chrome is a very fast and clean browser with several features similar to Firefox and Internet Explorer such as tab browsing. It's user friendly and has some great extra features such as the URL bar that also acts as a search engine and a homepage that displays your most visited sites and their thumbnails! Moreover, the browser is just as fast as Mozilla's Firefox. Most importantly, Chrome is an open source browser which means that you can modify it the way you like it, if you have the required knowledge.

Going Incognito
An extra eye catching feature of Chrome is that it lets you surf the Internet in stealth mode. This means that when you use the Incognito window, your pages won't appear in the browser or search history. There won't be any cookie traces either.

Overall, I think Internet Explorer has some tough competition ahead. Chrome may not be as good as Firefox but it will definitely create troubles for Firefox in future. Remember, Chrome just released and is still in Beta mode.

If you haven't downloaded it yet then I strongly suggest that you do even if you have other browsers. I have both Firefox and Internet Explorer but I still downloaded Google Chrome and I love it! If you have also downloaded Chrome then please share your views.

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