New admin - lets spice it up

Hi guys. I am the new admin of this blog and I will be the one managing it from now on. I hear that this is a great blog with great resources and I hope to only make it better with contribution. My friend Omar has given me this blog since he has other sites and blogs that he is really busy with.

I am a simple guy who is still learning about Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Internet marketing and advertising, graphic designing, blogging and some other stuff. I like to share my experiences with others and that is exactly what i will be doing. I will be publishing a lot of articles about the topics mentioned above and sharing them all with you. I am sure you will like them and will find them really helpful.

You may have already noticed that I have changed the overall look of this blog. I hope you like the new template. I love it since now the blog is cleaner and the template really suits this blog.

Finally, I would like to say that this blog will be way better in few months than it already is. But I would like your contribution to achieve that.


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