"ghost ship" - Halloween keywords rise in popularity

The whole day I have been noticing that a lot of Halloween related keywords are gaining popularity at Google Trends. As most of you already know, Halloween is tomorrow on October 31st and people seem to be searching for costumes online either to buy them or to get some ideas.

Some of the keywords that are popular right now are:
  1. pumpkin carving design templates
  2. trick or treat times 2009
  3. ghost ship
  4. ghost adventures
  5. homemade costumes
  6. halloween parade nyc 2009
  7. last minute halloween costumes

Google has also made a note about this on their blog. They have several screenshots of the searches confirming this. Here is an example:

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Google PageRank Update - October 2009

Google PageRank Update - Today I woke up to see that Google has updated PageRank (PR) for some of my websites and blogs. However, i ended up losing PR even though I worked so hard to get backlinks. My two new sites didn't get any PR yet.

Before, Google used to have a PageRank update approximately every three months but now it has been taking longer. After waiting so long for an update, I was disappointed to see the results. But it is possible that the update is still going on and that my pagerank can still change a little because sometimes pagerank tends to fluctuate during the update.

What about your websites? Did you notice any change in the PR? Did it increase or decrease? Are you happy with the update over all? Share it with other readers.

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Expand your online business

All of us are constantly searching for ways to expand our online businesses. What many of us do not realize is that internet marketing tools are a great way to do this. One such thing that you can use to make your online business flourish is relevant links. This way, you can get quality target-driven traffic, and you would get better rankings on search engines as well. Now how does this whole process of link building work?

It’s a fairly simple process and once you understand it, you will be good to go. Basically you need to put in relevant links on your website, that direct to content related to your business and what it does. How does this get you more traffic? Well, search engines like Yahoo! and Google count the number of links when giving ranking, so the more links you have on your website, the better or higher your ranking will be, during searches. Therefore it follows to reason that you will get more traffic.

There are many systems that you can join – how many links you can build depends on that. Some systems even give a tracking system, where you will be able to know how many sites are linking to you. during the first few days itself, the links will show, and from then on, it continues to grow, as new people look at your website and perhaps display your link on their website.
When getting relevant links, you should be aware that they can be of two types – one-way and reciprocal. Depending on your requirements, choose which one you would like. The important thing to remember is that linking to relevant content on your website and even providing edu links is hugely beneficial for your customers.

So go ahead, expand your business, let it flourish and prosper, mostly you just need to use links to do this, and you can watch the success grow!

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The importance of Google Webmaster Tools

Let me tell you this: If you have not already used Google Webmaster Tools for your site(s), you have made a huge mistake. But it is not too late. You still have time.

Google Webmaster Tools is a service provided by the search engine giant Google that lets you manage your sites. It is complete free to use and it comes with several advantages.

First of all, you can easily submit your website's sitemap to Google search engine in few simple steps. This is very important as it makes it easier for Google to crawl your website and index your pages. The easier it is for Google, the better it is for you and your website.

Secondly, You can check your backlinks. One of the major factors for determining PageRank is number of backlinks so if you want to keep track of them, Google Webmaster Tools is a good place to do so.

Thirdly, you can also monitor your SERPs and your keywords so that you know which keywords is being ranked highest at Google and which ones are bringing you the most traffic.

Google Webmaster Tools is a really helpful service for webmasters. I highly recommend you to use it.

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Picking the right web hosting provider for your website

What good is a website if it cannot be online all the time? Downtime can cause a lot of damage to your website's and your business's reputation. Think about it! Customer satisfaction is the key to success these days. So you need to do your best to maintiain high customer satisfaction level. There is a lot of competition in the market. When a customer decides to buy a product from your website then you need to make sure that nothing happens to change that decision. Downtime can cause that potential customer to pick another site over yours.

A reliable web hosting provider is Hostnexus. They have been in business since 2001 so they have a lot of experience. Hosting with Hostnexus will bring you several advantages such as 99.9% uptime, high customer satisfaction, fast and reliable servers and security.

Hostnexus has great customer service. If you have problems with ther server or your hosting account, you can easily contact them and have your problem solved in no time. People hate to wait for a site to load. Fast and reliable servers means that your site will take minimum time to load which will keep your customers happy and satisfied.

Hostnexus also provides a variety of different types of hostings to meet your needs. They provide shared hosting, blog hosting, reseller hosting, coldfusion hosting, windows reseller hosting and others.

Finally, price is a major factor when it comes to picking a web hosting provider. But don't worry. Hostnexus provides cheap web hosting. They have plans starting at just $3.95 per month.

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