Free Barcode Creator

Barcode Maker 2.0 is ready with many new features
No Need to Purchase Expensive Barcode creator Software when it is Totally Free.

Barcodemaker Features :

Supports Code 3 of 9
Code 128
Interleaved 2 of 5
Customize print size
New => Print many barcode in a page with our Tabling System
New => Add title, border and comment to your Barocde
New => Real Time analyzing your code

Add-in to work with Office and other editors
New => Export to any image Format (Gif, JPEG...) ==> NEW !!
Export also to RTF and HTML Format

Requirements :

.net Frame Work 2.0
size : less than 0.5 mb (190 KB on download)
Microsoft .net FrameWork 2.0: Download here

Compatible with any editor that supports True Type Font


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