Google Groups Traffic for blogs and sites

Did you know that Google Groups can make for your blog more than 500 visitors daily for 1 week in just 3 hours ?

It can be strange, Google part ? Yes I made about 150 visitors in the first time and it was really strange. Google Groups will give you high traffic!

How to do:
first you need a Google Account then redirect to
There start posting, try to use a good title and make your link appearent.
People that comes to the group will open and diret to your blog and then you get new visitors.
Strategy : Post only in groups that have a large number of members.
More : Google sendby email your post to members (thar registred to email posts!) This will help you make extra visitors.
Quantity : 1 post can make 5 visitors in a 1000 members group.
Try to make as much as you can to get extra visitors.
Famous Groups:


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