Ipod Song Download

Ipod Song Download
So you want to download songs to your ipod and you do not like the fact that Itunes is charging a per download fee. Honestly, I do not understand why there is no flat rate available at itunes. This is a huge disadvantage and they make people look for alternative cheaper places to download ipod songs, ipod videos, ipod games, and ipod movies. I am one of those who realy does not like itunes. They are too expensive and the ipod downloads offered are limited.
I tried downloading Tracy Chapmans "Fast Car". Guess what? It is not available from the itunes store. Can you believe that! After this I started looking for an alternative ipod download site. And I found one I really love.
It is called My Ipod Downloads and they do NOT charge a pay per download fee (it's just $30 for a year with unlimited downloads). They also offer millions of files ready you can download to your ipod instantly. In fact so far I found every song I was looking for and every movie I was searching for. My Ipod Downloads is without a doubt the best Ipod song download site! To visit My Ipod Download click here

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Thanks for this information. I just got a new ipod and it still is very much empty. Will surely want to download something in it.

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