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I have just come across a great site that has the potential to help webmasters in numerous ways. In today's world, the competition between webmasters is very tight. Every webmaster is trying to get ahead of his competitor by doing Search Engine Optimization, aiming at particular keywords etc. One tactic to beat your competitor is to know what is it that they are doing and then do more than that. However, it's not easy to get access to that information about your competitor...until now!

Sitonomy is a website that provides you with enormous amount of information about your competitor's website. All you have to do is enter the website's URL and you will be presented with the information. Sitonomy tells you about the Advertising Networks, Blogging Platform, Ads Management, Widgets, Subscriptions, Stats Tools, Programming Language etc. of other websites.

Furthermore, there is an alternatives link in each category mentioned above that presents you with alternative solutions. For example, suppose that the site that you looked up is using Google Analytics as one of its Stats Tools. If you click on the alternatives link then you will get information about all other major stats tools such as quantcast, sitemeter, StatCounter etc.

Sitonomy is a great site and if you are a webmaster then I highly recommend that you use it. If you are new and want to build a website then look up what famous sites are doing and then use that information make your own website.

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Anonymous said...

Nice one

Mike said...

its a pretty useful tool i just used it

Gary said...

Pretty similar to - like your commenting system on this blog BTW.

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