Why I left Bluehost hosting

Besides managing SEO and Blogging Tips, I also manage three other sites that use Wordpress and are hosted independently. I got independent hosting about 2 years ago. An online friend of mine offered me his own hosting. Since it was my first hosting and the price was very low, I agreed. But due to poor support and uptime, I moved to another host. This time I wanted to have a trusted hosting that wouldn't disappoint me even if it meant that I had to pay couple of bucks extra. So, I picked Bluehost.

Bluehost wasn't very expensive. I paid approximately $65 for one year. This was a discounted price. The regular price is much higher than this. Anyways, I was really satisfied with Bluehost. I am not an expert with hostings but I still found Bluehost fairly easy to use. They have a lot of features and they make it really easy for you to take advantage of them. I would go into the details of all the features they have to offer but it's pretty much the same as any other hosting nowadays. Bottom line: it's much easier to use Bluehost and things are easy to figure out.

So why did I leave Bluehost? Well, I just completed my one year with them and was kindly asked by them to renew my account. So, I went to their page to do it and it turned out that the price had been raised to $107 per year. I was shocked and thought there had been some mistake because I paid almost half of that before. So, I contacted their support for an explanation. Apparently, the coupon that I had used to get the discounted price is only for one year and doesn't carry. This is what pissed me off because I hadn't seen that written anywhere. Don't get me wrong, I like Bluehost but why should I pay so much for hosting some simple blogs? Bluehost was charging me $6.95 per month while there are other trusted hosting services that only charge around $4-5 per month?

This is why I decided to move to another hosting. It's a pain to transfer all your files but I am willing to go through the trouble if it means that I save around $40 a year. Yup, my new hosting is iPage where I only paid $54 for a year of hosting and this is their regular price.

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