Top 5 Reasons To Have a Poll Widget On Your Blog

Bloggers have mixed opinions about poll widgets. Some like them while others consider them to be a waste of valuable space. I am one of those bloggers who appreciate the value of having a poll widget on your blog. You may not know this but having a poll widget has several benefits. I am sure that you must have noticed that a lot of famous blogs have polls on their blogs. Today, I will be sharing with you my Top 5 reasons for having a poll widget. But first of all, what is a poll widget?

What is a poll widget?

Poll widgets are small widgets that you can place on your blogs or websites. The widget will ask the viewers a question and present them with some options. The readers can only vote once but sometimes they can choose more than one option for their answer. Once they have voted, they will see the current result of the poll.

Top 5 reasons to have a poll widget

1. Make your blog live! - No one likes a dead blog. Good blogs are always interactive and live. They are interactive and they let their readers contribute to the blog. Getting your readers to interact is always a good idea to make your blog successful.

2. Relevant traffic - Simply getting traffic to your blog does not make your blog popular. For a blog to truly succeed, it needs to get relevant traffic. But all the traffic tracking sites only tell you about how much traffic you are getting and nothing about the relevant traffic. So how do you figure that out? You can get an approximate idea about the amount of relevant traffic that your blog is getting through poll widgets. If you get more votes then you are getting some nice relevant traffic but if you are not then you need to do some SEO work on your blog!

3. Show off - Usually, it is not a good idea to show off a lot about your blog's success but sometimes it can be really useful. If you get great amount of relevant traffic then you should put up a poll widget. A high number of votes will tell your readers that your blog is very popular and they will appreciate your blog more and come more often!

4. Learn about readers - Another benefit of having a poll widget is that it lets you learn about your readers. You get to know about your readers' preferences and thus you can modify your blog according to that. Suppose, you put up a poll about post lengths. If most of your readers say that they find it difficult to read lengthy posts then you know that you should keep your posts short and concise.

5. New Post Ideas - Poll widgets are a great way to get some nice new ideas for your forthcoming posts. You can use polls to ask the viewers what they would like to read more about on your blog. You can also use the results of a poll to write a new post.

These were my 5 reasons for having a poll widget on your blog. I hope you learned something useful from this post.

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MarlyMS said...

I would like to have a poll in my blog. thanks for sharing this tip.

Jagan said...

yeah.. i have put a poll n my blog.. BUt i guess this is the time.. :)

Thnx for the post.

Maverick said...

Hey Dan,

I'm following your blog for some time now. this is nice and informative. I wanted to know one thing though. How do you manage to show just a part of it on the Home page and the labels page, where as the complete entry is directed to somewhere else? do you manually link the pages this way or there is some provision on the blogger? I'd also like to do the same on my blog.

Dan said...

@Maverick - Thanks for following my blog. I am glad you like it. There is a blogger hack that lets you show only part of the story on the homepage. I will soon write a post about the hack so that you can use it on your blog. :)

venkat said...

Yes poll in Blog will increase viewers contribution to the blog .

john said...

yeah im not really into the poll widgets because i am one of those individuals that think its a waste of website space but if it works for you than thats great

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