Google's Browser - Chrome: Firefox And Internet Explorer Got Competition

Google Chrome logoOne of the most famous companies and websites in the world, Google, has decided to enter the browser market which is currently dominated by Microsoft's Internet Explorer and Mozilla's Firefox. Ever since Firefox was introduced, Internet Explorer has constantly lost its users. However, Internet Explorer is still the most used browser in the world. With such tough competition, hardly any company has the guts to introduce their own browser. But Google has done so. Google has launched its own internet browser called Google Chrome.

Few days ago, Google announced on its official blog that Google Chrome is now live. The new browser has quickly grabbed everyone's attention and why should it not? It is launched by Google! Looks like Google is all set to conquer the entire Internet. As my friend said, soon you will be able to "search google with [your] google browser, on [your] google pc, running a google OS. Cool."

Chrome Features
Google Chrome is a very fast and clean browser with several features similar to Firefox and Internet Explorer such as tab browsing. It's user friendly and has some great extra features such as the URL bar that also acts as a search engine and a homepage that displays your most visited sites and their thumbnails! Moreover, the browser is just as fast as Mozilla's Firefox. Most importantly, Chrome is an open source browser which means that you can modify it the way you like it, if you have the required knowledge.

Going Incognito
An extra eye catching feature of Chrome is that it lets you surf the Internet in stealth mode. This means that when you use the Incognito window, your pages won't appear in the browser or search history. There won't be any cookie traces either.

Overall, I think Internet Explorer has some tough competition ahead. Chrome may not be as good as Firefox but it will definitely create troubles for Firefox in future. Remember, Chrome just released and is still in Beta mode.

If you haven't downloaded it yet then I strongly suggest that you do even if you have other browsers. I have both Firefox and Internet Explorer but I still downloaded Google Chrome and I love it! If you have also downloaded Chrome then please share your views.

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