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If you are a regular reader of SEO and Blogging Tips then you would have noticed that I recently changed my template. The previous template was having some problems and it was preventing this blog from functioning properly. Thus, I got rid of it. After searching for days for a suitable replacement, I decided to go with a template called Dicas Blogger 1.0.

I really like this template. It lets me design my own header and is very easy to install. Also, it comes with several additional features such as bookmarking icons and Related Posts feature. Furthermore, I love the color scheme.

Also, you may have noticed before that SEO and Blogging Tips was a NoFollow blog. There were two reasons for why I wanted it like that. First, I was too lazy to change it to DoFollow. Second, I didn't want spammers to attack my blog.

However, this new template changed my settings and now my blog is DoFollow. That's right! This means, that backlinks from SEO and Blogging Tips will count towards your PageRank. So make sure you leave comments if you like my posts. Also, make sure that you don't spam. I have zero tolerance for spam. I will delete all comments that contain useless links and are off-topic.

Finally, if you have no idea what's the difference between DoFollow and NoFollow then read my previous post.

Thanks for reading my posts!

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Posted by Dan at SEO and Blogging Tips.
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Anonymous said...

duely noted. Cool beans.

Cheap Checks said...

It really is unfortunate that the internet has been plagued with spam. However, with my blogs, Askimet really does do a good job of controlling spam. Sometimes, the spammer comments get through but it helps a lot to have that turned on. I really do like the look of the new template!

Reliable Hosting Service said...

I really do believe that nofollow will not be followed anymore. As people now can control relation between link juice and fidelity, blogger will reward their customary clients, content will be spread (wikipedia had decrease its participation numbers incredibly after nofollow adoption) and internet continues with its democratic and open character

Mike said...

i believe that nofollow will no longer bring any traffic and that dofollow is the only one that truly does

Buce Clay - Search Engine Optimisation said...

I disagree, nofollows may not pass a page rank but still can bring a good quality relevant traffic.

Howtomakemoneyfastest said...

I'm diggin' this blog!

Keep it up man!

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