Earning Money From Selling Blog Posts

Few days ago, I wrote a post about 5 popular ways to earn money for bloggers and I promised my readers that I would write follow posts to provide details about each of those five ways. I will start with the last method first: Selling Posts.

Nowadays, there are millions of blogs online and people love to read them. Over the last few years, blogs have become extremely popular. A lot of times, bloggers use their blogs to express their opinions and when people read these blogs, they get influenced by those opinions. Thus, what a blogger writes on his or her blog is very importance. Of course, the importance level depends on the quality and popularity of the blog.

A common method of earning money for bloggers is to sell their blog posts. How does that work? It's very simple. The buyer will ask you to write a positive blog post about his company's products explaining the key features. Most of the times, the post will also contain at least one link to the product's website. He will pay you a certain amount of money for the job. And you are done!

Bloggers don't always review company products but also websites and anything else that might require promotion.

Not all blog posts are worth the same. There are numerous factors that determine how much a buyer would be willing to pay for a blog post on your blog. I will try to highlight some today.
  • PageRank - The higher the PageRank of your blog, the more you will be paid for your posts.
  • Traffic - The more traffic your blog gets, the more you will earn from your posts.
  • Outgoing links - The less the outgoing links from your blog, the more money you will have in your pocket!
  • Niche - Blogs with similar niches as the buyer's product/website will receive more money.
These are all the points that I can think of right now but I am sure I missed one or two. Anyways, I am sure you know why PageRank and Traffic are two important factors. Lets move on to the last two. The number of outgoing links from your blog is very important since the more links you have the less the PageRank juice your buyer will receive. Niche is also an important player since it will mean that the buyer will get relevant traffic from your blog.

How do you contact buyers?
It's not easy to find buyers to purchase blog posts from you. In fact, sometimes it can be really difficult. However, there are some sites that can make your life easier. You should try webmaster forums such as Digital Point, V7N and Webcosmo Forums to sell your posts. There are also specialized sites such as PayPerPost and Sponsored Reviews made just for buying and selling posts.

Hopefully, you learned a thing or two from this post about earning money from selling blog posts. Watch out for my upcoming posts as I will be explaining other ways to earn money from blogging.

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Hurtownia Tkanin said...

You have to be extremely careful with sponsored articles. Google penalizes bloggers who sell blogposts to pass PageRank - if you want to be sure you'll be fine you have to rel=nofollow your links.

Almir said...

thats the reason why i haven't been using pay per post services

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forex system said...

I did not have clear idea about page rank,traffic and niche. But now i know what they are. Thanks a lot. It really helped me a lot.

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