Earning Money From Buying and Selling Domains

There are numerous ways to earn money online and how much money you make depends on which way you choose and how much time you put into it. Obviously, some money making methods are easier than others. Today, I would like to talk about buying and selling domains. You may have heard of this technique before. It’s actually quite easy to understand as it just works like small businesses do. Businesses buy or produce a product at a certain price and then they sell it for a greater price. Thus, they get to enjoy the profit. Buying and selling domains is similar. You buy a domain and wait to sell it to the right customer to earn a profit. If you are smart and you know how this business works, you can earn a lot of money.

Of course, you need to know two important things: which domains to buy and where to register domains cheap. Firstly, you need to know which types of domains are in demand and which are not. Secondly, you need to know where to but the domains from at a cheap price. You can go to domain name registrars and make your purchase. Here is a list of ICANN accredited registrars to narrow your search.

Now that you have bought a domain, how do you sell it? I recently came across a post which contained a nice list of websites where you can buy and sell domains. You can meet a lot of customers at those forums and sites listed and make a lot of sales.
After some valuable experience, you will learn which domain names are valuable and which ones are not. So don't expect to make hundreds of dollars through your first sale because that will almost never happen.

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Ricktus said...

This is only profitable for a person selling cheaply to smaller businesses. Any business with a company lawyer or one that is willing to hire one will be able to pry it from you for free if it uses their name. The supreme court ruled a few years ago that you cannot sell a domain for more than you bought it for unless you can prove you bought it for your own personal use in the first place. If you buy a bunch of domains with the intent to sell dont expect to make big bucks.

Marble Host said...

When buying a domain name,it is necessary to stay anonymous as you can all the way keep the cost as low as possible.The names will not have set prices,and so the domain name arrives entirely from debates between the buyer and the seller

Web Design said...

yes you are right so many people make money through selling domains. but i have one confusion is that which is the major source or sites which provides you such a grate platform.

PHPlist Web Host said...

HI, this seems a whole new way to make money online. I never thought it of before. Hope this business require a great knowledge and understanding of domain.

Payal Jain said...

I also heard of this new money making technique recently. But i think it should requires some domain marketplace knowledge & the details about the buy/sell domains.

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