How Blogging Got Me A Swatch!

I see all these make money online bloggers posting about what they bought from the money that they earned through blogging so I decided to write such a post myself as an inspiration for my readers. I don't like to talk rubbish and waste my readers' time so here are the three main points of this post:
  1. It IS possible to earn money via blogging!
  2. It WILL NOT make you rich overnight!
  3. It CAN get you a sexy Swatch!
Ever since I was in middle school, I had this insane craze to buy a Swatch watch. Actually, my friend had a swatch and I loved it! It was absolutely beautiful. Now, to be honest, I have seen other watches that look better than any Swatch watch yet Swatch is not as expensive as others and is still damn good and SEXY!

Finally, some years later, I am able to buy a watch for myself with money that I earned only from blogging. I got myself a Swatch Windfall that is worth $165.00 currently. You might think that it is a little expensive but it is worth every damn penny. Just take a look at the picture and I am sure you will love it.

It's an amazing feeling to have earned money solely from the internet and to buy something yourself without anyone's help. Now I am saving more money to get a nice laptop for college since I am doing Electrical Engineering. I am thinking of buying one of Dell laptops that are worth around $500-$800. Hopefully, I will be able to reach that target in two three months!

Thanks to my viewers for coming to my blog and making it what it is!

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Almir said...

very interesting posts its great you were able to buy that particular watch through blogging and i do hope you are able to get that laptop in that particular alloted time

Web Design said...

Really Nice And informative Post. Yes the Blogging is great way to earn money.

Domy Gryfino said...

That's great but you do realise that if you put all those hours into actual full-time job you'd be able to buy yourself 10 watches like this?

Dan said...

@Domy - Yes I do realize that but just to let you know, I am a full time student with a part time job. Blogging is something that I do on the side. :)

Instant Activation Hosting said...

I love watch this is a fabulous collection of colors! i am loving mesmerize wow!!

Sushi said...

That watch isn't something I'd pay for but I wouldn't mind getting it for free. Good job - I hope more free stuff will come your way soon.

internet marketing services said...

now that is a nice watch!

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