How's the new look?

Well you guys have probably noticed that SEO and Blogging Tips looks different now. That's because I got a new template and thought I would use it as I was having some problems with the previous one. I love this template. It's extremely clean, easy to use, spacious, and looks great! Also, the new template allows me to put up my featured posts for my readers (see the sliding panel on the homepage).

One more thing that has changed is that now SEO and Blogging Tips is nofollow. This blog had always been nofollow except for a couple months when I was using the last template. I hope it is ok with you guys.

Now that my exams are finished and summer has begun, I have time to devote to this blog (and several more). My two main goals are to increase the traffic and pagerank. As you may have noticed, the pagerank is now 2 whereas it used to be 4 before.

Keep visiting SEO and Blogging Tips and reading my posts as there are more informative posts coming up.

Posted by Dan at SEO and Blogging Tips.
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SEO Travel said...

its ok but does not yet give me that authority feeling!

Dan said...

authority feeling?
It does look a little crowded to me but I am working on it.

bestofblogger said...

hi i like your blog and i wanna ask some question how do i create a blogspot template?

Dan said...

To create a blogspot template you need to have some programming knowledge. I don't know much about this but I do know that it is not that easy. It requires a lot of work.

bestofblogger said...

i wanna learn it. do you know any special program for create a blogspot template.i cant find any on internet

Dan said...

I am sorry but I am also not aware of any such program.

bestofblogger said...


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