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If you are a regular reader of SEO and Blogging Tips (SABT) then you have probably noticed that I have not posted many new articles in the past few weeks. I am very sorry about that and I promise you that I will soon post some nice information articles for you to enjoy. I have been very busy with college lately. Final exams are coming up and I have been focusing on studying most of the time. As soon as I finish my exams, I will be back.

Also, I noticed that the present layout of the site is having some problems. I looked for some nice blogger templates online and already have found one. However, if you guys have any suggestions then do let me know.

Getting late for my physics class. See you guys later and thanks for keeping up with my blog.


Posted by Dan at SEO and Blogging Tips.
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web design miami said...

Good luck with your exams. Can't wait till you post all the stuff you came up during that break.

Dan said...

thanks :)

SEO India said...

Great Tips! As a SEO, these tips would be very valuable for me. Thanks

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