Leaving Comments That Will Generate Traffic And Improve PageRank

comments, blog, trafficMost SEO experts will always tell you that leaving comments on other (dofollow) blogs is a great way to not only bring some traffic to your own site but also improve your website's PageRank. So you tried doing that but your traffic seemed unaffected. You wait for the next PageRank update and do not notice any difference either. So what is it that's going wrong? Is it pointless to leave comments on other blogs or are you just not doing it correctly? I will tell you right now that it is the comments that you are leaving and not the method.

A lot of (popular) bloggers moderate the comments before publishing them on their blog to block spammy comments. Thus, just because you left a comment does not necessarily mean that it got published. This is why you need to make sure that you leave comments that always get approved by other bloggers and I am here to present you with some tips that will help you write such comments.

DON'T include links

Memorize this and swear to never forget it. Trust me with this one. Never leave your website's link in a comment unless the blog owner is your cousin. There is nothing worse than seeing a comment on your blog with a link. Regardless of how well the comment is written, webmasters are always prompted to reject the comment.

When you leave a comment, you have to enter some basic information including your name, email and URL. That is where you enter your website's URL address. If people want to visit your site, then they will click on your name which will direct them to the URL you entered before.

Some of you might be thinking of the situations when you want to include a link to one of your posts in the comment because you have to mention it to finish what you want to say. Well in that case, I would suggest that you write the title of your post and not include its URL. If people are interested in reading your post, then they will click on your name/URL and find the post with the title that you wrote. It's a lot more work for the readers but at least you do not seem like a spammer.

Be specific, not general

No one is interested in reading general comments that can be posted on any blog and any post. Such comments seem like spam. Here are some samples:

Nice post. Loved it!
Great work buddy. Keep it up!
Paris Hilton is hot and so is your post.
Some great tips you have there.
Comments like these show that you have not read the post completely and are just here to spam. Even though that might not be your intention, you have to stop leaving such comments. Ideal comments should be that challenge the writer or give him suggestions. You can also talk about the specific thing that you liked and what you did not.

Benefits of leaving such comments

Alright, so you have left comments on blogs like I mentioned but how exactly will they help you generate traffic and improve PageRank? First of all, whenever someone reads an interesting and intelligent comment, they are prompted to read some more of your articles. I know that I always do this! This brings significant amount of traffic to your blog.

Also, when the blog owner and/or readers see your post, they might want to exchange links with your sites and have more discussions with you. This helps you get a great friend in the immense blogging community. People are always interested in exchanging links with intelligent and dedicated bloggers. And we all know that exchanging links is a good way to improve PageRank.

These were some tips on leaving some good comments that will help you get traffic and improve PageRank. Remember, few comments like these will be more beneficial in the long run than lots of spammy comments.

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Webmaster Forum said...

Just dropping by.. checking how is it hanging there:D

Chris Nicholson said...

Dear Dan,

I suggest you find someone to edit your posts before they are published, in order to avoid such errors as these:

1 That is where enter your website's URL address. [missing "you" before enter]
2 situations when you want to include link [missing an article before link]
3 Even though, that might not be your intention [incorrect comma placement]

We all need editors, in blogs as in the press, so please don't feel as though I'm singling you out. This is for the world to read, and misspellings, poor grammar and a verbose style only distract from your content.



Dan said...

Hey Chris...thanks for reading my post in so much detail....it is always good to know that people are taking them seriously.

I read my post again and you are right, there are some grammatical mistakes. I am sorry for that. Sometimes I forget to proofread. It won't happen again. I will make the necessary changes to the article now.


Zach & Jody Gray said...

I knew what you meant Dan. Way to take criticism so graciously...

Dan said...

thanks Zach...i like criticism...it shows that other people are carefully reading your content and actually care to improve it. :)

refreshme said...

before i will post comments without reading the post as u said as spam comments.but now onwards i post comments after reading only.thanks for your advice.

Mik said...

When I surf sites I usually try to leave meaningful comment son sites I like. I sometimes check out the blogs of other people who have commented on the same post too, so end up finding other sites which I may like.

If they're dofollow then that is a plus.

Ijas said...

Thanx dear it is more informative

Shelley said...

thank you. I am just starting out and always looking for helpful hints/tips.

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