The importance of Google Webmaster Tools

Let me tell you this: If you have not already used Google Webmaster Tools for your site(s), you have made a huge mistake. But it is not too late. You still have time.

Google Webmaster Tools is a service provided by the search engine giant Google that lets you manage your sites. It is complete free to use and it comes with several advantages.

First of all, you can easily submit your website's sitemap to Google search engine in few simple steps. This is very important as it makes it easier for Google to crawl your website and index your pages. The easier it is for Google, the better it is for you and your website.

Secondly, You can check your backlinks. One of the major factors for determining PageRank is number of backlinks so if you want to keep track of them, Google Webmaster Tools is a good place to do so.

Thirdly, you can also monitor your SERPs and your keywords so that you know which keywords is being ranked highest at Google and which ones are bringing you the most traffic.

Google Webmaster Tools is a really helpful service for webmasters. I highly recommend you to use it.

Posted by Dan at SEO and Blogging Tips.
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traffic ultimatum said...

My website is a piczo site, and I can't add what I need to verify it on the google webmaster tool thing. Is it possible to add it?

Beauty Salon Business said...

Ya right its never too late to use such a informative free tool if some one still not using it.. its a must Tool for webmasters...

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