"ghost ship" - Halloween keywords rise in popularity

The whole day I have been noticing that a lot of Halloween related keywords are gaining popularity at Google Trends. As most of you already know, Halloween is tomorrow on October 31st and people seem to be searching for costumes online either to buy them or to get some ideas.

Some of the keywords that are popular right now are:
  1. pumpkin carving design templates
  2. trick or treat times 2009
  3. ghost ship
  4. ghost adventures
  5. homemade costumes
  6. halloween parade nyc 2009
  7. last minute halloween costumes

Google has also made a note about this on their blog. They have several screenshots of the searches confirming this. Here is an example:

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What is an RSS Feed?

Dan said...

This site will help you learn more about RSS: http://www.whatisrss.com/

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