Chat over TCP/IP

Hi again,
Did you though before of a chat over TCP/IP (Local Network).
If you decided to make a project of this chat, so let me help you begin (just the basics an then you can do all)
What you need is to know how, you can make it easily with the Net command!
the command "Net Send ComputerName(or IP address) message"
It accept IP Address, so even on an Internet Network !!
You have the command so you can make it !
This the code (if you don't know how to code)
dim Message as string = "Hello"
dim TragetComputer as string = ""
Process.Start("net.exe", _
"send " & TargetComputer & _
" """ & Message & """")

But thar doesn't send !!
So you have to check the Messenger Service !
Click Start Control Panel, and open the Administrative Tools panel.
Within the Administrative Tools panel, open Services.
Locate Messenger, and double-click its icon to open the Messenger Properties window.
Set the Startup Type to Automatic, and click the Start button.
Click the OK button, and close all open Control Panel windows.

Automatics will make it run every time the windows open !
have a good time :)


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