How to get high traffic

Hi traffic seeker and adsense pirates !
I think that lots of you search for traffic for it's site so that spaming the whole pla(net) . Ok I'm not against especially lot of groups accept spam. and they accept it for having large traffic lol.
But the thing that I mentionned well that google (this ultra big traffic) can redirect it's traffic for you!

How to upload your content to google ?
First submit your site and I think that all of you have done this step, but submit it @ least to ten search engine like Yahoo, MSN, Live, Ask, Altavista...
Second let's begin with Google Webmaster tools !
First on it , subscribe to google web master tools and add a site profile.
Then make the site verification. I'll suggest that you upload a HTML file, if you change your home page later you'll need to put the tag again !

Now we need a site map. (only if pages < href=""> and make a site map to your site (web based application so you want download anything with you !)

But google still doesn't index your pages or let say slowley indexes your pages.
So something is going wrong... ON YOUR SITE!
Your page header must be clear and well organised and will give you a sample to focus on it: the sample of SQL Warrior that I optimized for Search engine especially the forums you can see the head ( and (

See how it's organised to get an idea for your page !

wAAAk google indexed my page but i'm not the first !
No one can guarantee a #1 ranking on Google
So how ?
Now you can go to other forums and show your site but... don't spam

Many Web master face this problem.
Many hits but no clicks !
Ask your self somequestions @ least !
Are your visitors interested on your site ?
Does your site contain important information ?
I know I can have 5000 hit / day but if all visitors see the first page then out !! no clicks !
You 'll need to have interesting things on your site and ads won't have revenue unless 3 or 4 week or activities !

Hope this comments helps you have a great site !


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