SQL Warrior : The open project

Hi again!
Decide then do and SQL Warrior we'll be the biggest Open Project
How come ?
We are a new community that all programer on it plan to work for free on a specified program.
What's this Program?
SQL Warrior is a VB.net (2005) application that helps users to open and modify Databases
Works for free ?
All programers are working for free in free times.
(You can help us complete it whenever you have time)
The software will be completly free!
What do we need ?
For now we need Moderator for the program, site and forumIf any one is intersted he can join here (by posting a request) : http://sqlwarrior.freehostia.com/forumWe don't pay for working and you work as much you can

And then ?
The program will complete and we'll become the biggest and the most used
And what did we earn ?
Just (Nothing) but SQL Warrior will be free and free is better than being payed then Pirated (I think so)
If you are :
Simple person but clever (You can become moderator or enginner on the project)
Programmer (You can help us with your small snippet of code)
Designer (Some picture related to the program)
Else (Try and test the program)
So I say : Welcome to All people !
http://sqlwarrior.freehostia.com/forum Start Here

Omar Abid


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