The Easy Dot Net Project

For how long will you try to search and waste your time to found information.
How time did you waste searching for these snippets and customizing them for your need ?
You and many programers are every day wasting time serfing the web for code in sites, blogs, forums... Asking and waiting for a reply...
Now you have to change ! A new idea come to my mind... A simple namespace, very simple, quite simple that will solve the whole problem.
And how does this do the work ?
You want grantue that you'll find what you are searching for, but the class will be easy to manipulate.
How this works ?
Simply add the "DLL" to your reference in your project then use imports to import it !
And how much it helps ?
Here the adventure start, the small DLL will contain many many classes in various categories.
For example you can compress, resize, rotate, mirror a picture in the imaging class.
Or encrypt decrypt string, generate passwords.. in the Data Class
And many many more.
Developer : Omar Abid (only me, the starting is always hard)
Time : About 1 Year
Estimated numbers of line : About 20.000 line

Now imagine about 20.000 that becomes only 1!
Yes when it finishs you don't have to ;)


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