20 Small Steps Bloggers Should Take When Not Blogging

For the past few days, I have not been in the mood to write posts on SEO and Blogging Tips. Every time, I sit in front of my computer and get ready to type, I get distracted by other stuff. I am sure this has happened with you as well. Sometimes bloggers just do not feel like blogging. So how should they utilize that time and benefit from it? What should bloggers do when they are not blogging?

blogging, decide, confusedI have compiled a short list to help bloggers decide what they should do when they are not in the mood to write.

  1. Clean up your layout: Arrange all the widgets properly to give your blog a professional/personal look.
  2. Get rid of all the useless widgets that just waste space.
  3. Add appropriate tags to the posts to make navigation easy.
  4. Add some navigation links on the homepage that are most important to your blog (ie. home, moneymaking, marketing, seo and blogging on my blog).
  5. Get RSS feed.
  6. Add an email subsciption box to make it easier for your readers to subscribe.
  7. Add a feed counter to show-off!
  8. Submit few posts to social bookmarking sites.
  9. Check your Technorati account to see if you got any new backlinks.
  10. Get a Technorati account if you don't have one already.
  11. Look for link exchanges.
  12. Get a Who'samungus widget to know how many users are online.
  13. Get a good looking logo for your blog instead of just plain text on the header.
  14. Add a voting widget.
  15. Check that all of your main links are working.
  16. Read other related blogs just to see what your competition is upto.
  17. Leave some comments on other blogs.
  18. Post about your posts on other forums.
  19. Read posts on famous blogs and get inspired.
  20. Write a post about what to do when not blogging :)
So, if you ever get tired of posting on your blog and feel like doing something else but still related to blogging then keep this list in mind.

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Steve Ballmer said...

Microsoft MSN Maps are better!

technology said...

But don't put the feed counter up until you have over 100 subscribers, otherwise it might steer people away.

Guardian Angel said...

I think 50 subscribers above is a good number to show.

In addition, I think link exchange should be made only to blogs with the same niche topic. Otherwise, search engines will hardly count them.

mundo.ko.mundo.mo.rin said...

great tips you have here. how i wish i am like you who blog to help people who are in need of education of the proper way of blogging. happy posting and keep it up!

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