6 Free Killer Blogger Templates Every Blogger Should Know

As you can all see, I have completely changed the look of my blog. The reason is not that I did not like my previous template but because I found a great template and couldn't ignore it. The template was so beautiful that I had to use it and the result is in front of you. The new template gives my blog a professional and clean look which I think is very important for a SEO/Blogging/Webmaster blog. For those who do not know, my previous template was PassionDuo for Blogger - Blue.

While searching for more templates, I came across some great blogger templates that I had never seen before. They simply blew me away. I have always hated how there are so many good templates available for WordPress for free but not for Blogger. But not now...here are Top 6 Blogger Templates that will blow you away.

6. Dicas by Dicas Blogger
A great looking simple blog that will surely attract readers. It's a three column template with a nice big header on the top and soothing color scheme.

5. Dark World by akOOgle
This is another simple "wordpress" looking template with a great color scheme. It is only two column but still a great template to have if you like a simple blog.

4. Funky Zine by Blogger Tricks
Blogger Tricks has come up with another great looking 3 column template with tons of space. The template even comes with four ad blocks. It is a great template for blogs related to technology.

3. Pepper by Blogger Tricks
One more template in the list comes from Blogger Tricks. This one has a beautiful color scheme and enough space to fit everything a blogger needs. The template has a nice RSS feed button and a built-in search feature.

2. Indomagz by GossuBlogger
Give your blog a nice "wordpress" look with this great template by GossuBlogger. It has plenty of space for all your widgets and a nice section for the ads. Additionally, you can add a great banner on top.

1. Visionary Reloaded by Blogger Templates
This is the template that I am currently using right now. It is probably the best free blogger template I have seen yet. There is tons of space to put your small widgets or gadgets. The color scheme is perfect and the nice big rectangle box on the right is a wonder. You can put several of your widgets there and not worry about wasting any space. This is a MUST HAVE template for all.

There you go! These were my favorite 6 free blogger templates that I recently came across. All of these templates are featured in 60 More Beautiful Blogger Templates by Technobuzz.

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admin said...

this is so so so cool, a template via blogger, saves bucks specially for blogging starters, but still comes as great eye candy in terms of visual presentation as well, though not that flexible and scalable to non-techie blogger around.

but hey, nice posting ! keep up the nice work!

Dan said...

Hey "admin"...haha..people are going to think that you are the admin of this blog... :)

anyways, thanks for reading the post, I am glad you liked it.

JoVie said...

it's really cool template..I like it..

forex trading system said...

Thanks for bringing all these resources onto one page. I have already used one or two of these templates on my site so i know how great they are, but i never knew there were still so many good ones left. Dan, can you pls recommend me which one shall i use on my site.


Dan said...

@forex trading system - it seems like your blog is hosted on wordpress. These templates are only for blogger but I am sure you can find wordpress versions of most of them.

SBA said...

I like your new template. The others are quite good --- things are looking up for Blogger! Now you need to work on a nice favicon to make it even more professional!

Dan said...

Yeah..I decided to change my template again because my older one was having problems.

I always think about getting a favicon but get too lazy. Hopefully, I will have it up in few days. :)


saurabh said...

this is my blog..

what you think, what template should i use??

Dan said...

@saurabh - your blog is a personal blog so I wouldn't suggest any of these templates. It would be better for you to go with personal blog templates.

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