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There are hundreds of blogs and websites dedicated to SEO on the internet and it is not possible for me to present you with all the information on my blog. Thus, I think it is a nice step to introduce you to some other SEO/blogging websites and blogs that you might find interesting.

Today, I came across a SEO consultant and a blogger from Pakistan called Zafar Ahmed. He is a talented blogger who offers several services to webmasters to rank better on search engines. Furthermore, he provides some great information in his blog. Zafar Ahmad, SEO expert Pakistan, recently wrote a great post on his blog about some false SEO myths that I think you should definitely check out.

Furthermore, Zafar Ahmed provides some excellent SEO services and Internet marketing for some big businesses. I have not tried his services personally but I have heard that he is great at what he does!

Overall, I would say that I am really impressed with the content provided by this blogger. Take a look and you will see for yourself.


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