BidVertiser - Useless Alternative to Google Adsense

If you know Google Adsense then I am quite sure that you are familiar with an alternate moneymaking website for publishers called BidVertiser. Some of you may have already tried it while others may have simply ignored it and continued with Google Adsense. I actually gave it a try to see whether the program was actually better than Google Adsense or not. In this post I will describe to you my experience with BidVertiser.

BidVertiser - What it is and how it works!
BidVertiser is a program for both advertisers (to get traffic) and publishers (to earn money). Publishers can earn money from displaying ads on their website. Each time someone clicks on those ads, you will earn money. The twist is that advertisers will directly bid to display ads on your site.

There are quite some features that make BidVertiser different from Google Adsense (and other programs).
  1. Ads Control: Adsense displays ads on your site according to keywords and thus you can not control which ads to display on your website. In BidVertiser, advertisers bid to display ads on your site and you have control over which ads to display.
  2. Price-Per-Click: Price-Per-Click is determined by keywords in Adsense. Some keywords generate more expensive ads than others. Thus if a popular website has the same content as a new site, they will both earn approximately the same amount. However, in BidVertiser, advertisers bid for your ad space and thus popular websites earn more money.
  3. Requirements: Some sites are unsuitable for Adsense but still suitable for BidVertiser. For example, you can not display Adsense ads on sites with little content or only flash content.
Alright, this was just some background info on how the program works. Now lets get to the real deal! BidVertiser seems so appealing so far. It has several advantages compared to Adsense but what about the disadvantages?

It is extremely hard to earn money through BidVertiser's publisher program compared to Adsense' publisher program. First of all, since BidVertiser ads are decided by bids instead of keywords, the ads displayed on your site are completely irrelevant most of the times. I have seen BidVertiser ads about gardening on a celebrity site! With such irrelevant ads, most of the times, your chances of getting some clicks on those ads are reduced to almost nothing. Yes, almost nothing! People will hardly ever click on irrelevant ads. This is why Adsense is much better. It shows highly relevant ads most of the times. Thus, you have better chances of getting clicks and earning money.

Secondly, BidVertiser does not have many advertisers. You will see same ads on your site almost everyday. Same ads may even bore your permanent traffic and your clicks will drop even more! Adsense, on the other hand, has TONS of advertisers and thus, you can expect to get new and fresh ads every now and then.

Finally, even if you do manage to get some clicks on the ads, you will not be earning money since bidvertiser ads are not worth more than few cents or dollars. On the other hand, Adsense has ads worth anywhere from few cents to several dollars!!

So should you use it? Well, sure go ahead and give it a try but don't expect to earn a lot from it. BidVertiser sure has a minimum payout of $10 via PayPal but it is extremely hard to reach it. I have been using it for several months and I have only $3.10 till now!

If you have used it before then please share your experience with us and let us know whether you liked it or not!

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Prakash v ketkar said...

I have recently joined blogger community. I am in the search of how to make my blog more effective in the sence of delivering a good message via my blog so also to make it productive. I got a good iformation from your article about moneymaking side of the blog. Thank you for that.

huhe said...

I would give a try to use Bidvertiser, but my quesiton is : can I put google adsense and Bidvertiser at the same page?

Dan said...

@huhe- I am not completely sure about it but I think you can. Nonetheless, I would advice you to just stick with Adsense.

anjaneyulu said...

hello friend how to find out key words from my site

Timix said...

Hi dude you are now telling that bidvertiser is bad ? Did they pay if it reached $10 ?

Dan said...

@Timix - I still didn't reach $10. Few more months to go. :)

newacx said...

Is it bad? I have been regularly earning from them. Got some tips from this website but I don't know whether it might help you guys or not because there's a prob with translation. You need to send message to the support system for the english version. -->

Oh ya, its an e-book and its paid version...

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