4 Most Useful Tips for Bloggers

bloggerI have been using blogger for about six months now. I have gotten quite used to it and have learned a lot. But I am still learning and I do not think I ever will (neither will anyone else). This guide is for all those dummies that just started blogging and are looking for good ways to make their blog(s) "pretty" or simply attractive.

First you need to realize that according to Web 2.0, the best way to make something attractive is to have it clean, organized and simple. These are three main things that you need to remember while editing your blog.

Step 1 - Choosing a good theme/template

You need to choose a theme...a good one. Do not settle for the sample templates provided by Blogger when you sign up for it. They are pathetic and will make you look incredibly lazy if you do not change them. Using those templates is like having the wallpaper that Windows gives you when you first buy a computer. You have to change it if you want to look modern in the Internet and blogging world. Where do you get these templates from? Search my friend, search. There are lots of good sites that give you free templates. If you need help then try using JackBook and eBlogTemplates. These two are really good sites for advanced good looking templates. Pick the one you like and make sure it matches the content of your blog. Do not pick the ipod templates if you blog is about cooking no matter how good it looks! Try to get a template that's simple and which has all the different stuff organized really well.

Also, remember that you do not want to keep changing your template every few days because there is a new template available that you like. Download a template and then promise yourself that you will stick with it. It's never a good idea to make too many changes in a short period of time.

Step 2 - Personalizing

Personalize your blog so that it does not look like any other blog. If readers come to your blog and think that they have seen the exact template before then they are most likely to think that you content is taken from somewhere else as well. How do you start personalizing your blog? Start first with the header. Add a simple logo or some image that goes with your blog. Also, add some type of description below the title of your blog. This is all very necessary. Furthermore, you want to add some ads to your blog. Do not add too many and make the whole blog messy and seem desperate to get some money. Remember that you need some ads to seem professional. Add the ads somewhere so that it looks like as if they are part of the content.

Step 3 - Adding useful "page elements"

Add little things on the side columns to help readers navigate. Some of these good "page elements" include archives, categories, recent posts and popular posts. These are important to make your blog look hot and happening. It also shows that your blog has several posts and that you are an active poster. Make sure that you do not add too many "page elements" or widgets to your blog. They are nasty if too many are used. Do not add a calendar or a clock. Readers have those on their computer and they do not need you to tell them the date and time!

Step 4 -Getting inspired

Look around at other blogs. It is always ok to get inspired from other blogs and sites on the internet. You can even copy some techniques but make sure that you do not copy too much and that if you do, then you give credit. Do not make this habit or else your blog will be a duplicate of other sites/blogs.

I hope you like all the information that I have provided here. I learned all this from my experience and from other people. Have fun blogging.

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darrenan said...

really helpful tips...i m currently trying to setup a ptc blog myself and your tips are helping me.

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