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Before Internet came into existence very few people had knowledge about place and countries other than where they live. But now when distance means nothing and everyone is connected, it is easy to share and learn about different places. People hear about foreign locations and decide to go on a vacation with their family. But how reliable and accurate is this information that you gather from the Internet? Have you ever gone to a foreign country after being recommended by someone only to find out that it is a waste of your money and time? Well, do not worry because there is a solution and it is MyGreatWorld – The acclaimed new Photo-Community.

So what is this site about and how can it help you? MyGreatWorld is simply a place for you to access bunch of information about any place on the map. You can search for countries, states, cities and villages and find numerous photos about the place. MyGreatWorld is a community site that consists of recommendations and photos by other people just like you who upload their photos to the site.

If you are a traveler who just had a vacation and simply hated it then you can warn others by posting recommendations and pictures. This way others do not have to go through what you did.
Additionally, MyGreatWorld has a very nice layout (not too great but still very visually appealing). It is a clean and simple site where finding information will not be too difficult. You can easily browse through the map on the homepage to learn more about your favorite locations and see some exciting pictures.

Just to make it clear, MyGreatWorld is not a place for photo album share (ing). It is a photo sharing community where you browse world’s map and find photos and other information.


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