4 SEO Steps To Take After Starting A Blog

SEO BlogSearch Engine Optimization does not always have to be hard and only for technical gurus. Many times, it can be done easily for websites and blogs. There are several dimensions to SEO and some of them are a little more difficult than the others. Thus, the best approach for newbies would be to start with the easy ones.

Most of the times, bloggers try very little to optimize their blogs for search engines due to lack of knowledge. A lot of them do not even know the benefits of SEO but it is one of the most important thing if you want a successful blog. In this article, I will talk about first five steps that every blogger should take to optimize as soon as they create a blog.

1. Give it a title
The first thing that you must do after creating a blog is give it a nice title. Every blog must have a title. For example, you will notice that the title of my blog is SEO and Blogging Tips. The title is very important as it tells your readers and search engines what the blog is about. Make sure that your title is not something like "Mike's blog". Your title has to be descriptive and right to the point. Also, make sure that it is relatively short and easy to remember.

2. Add Meta Tags
Meta Tags are tags that are found in website codes that describe your pages to search engines. There are several types of meta tags. Some of them are important while others are simply optional. The most common types of Meta Tags are Description, Keywords and author. However, the ones that you MUST use are the first two: Description and Keywords tags. These two tags will provide an overview of your blog and list some important keywords relevant to your blog. You can create your Meta Tags from ORBlogs's Meta Tag Generator.

3. Submit your site to Google
Google has a service for webmasters called Google Webmasters that allows admins (webmasters) to submit their sites and blogs to Google search engine so that they can be indexed. It is very vital to get your blogs indexed because that will bring you a lot of organic traffic - traffic from search engines. All you have to do is use your Google account to log into Google Webmaster and submit your site. That's it!

4. Submit your Sitemap
Submitting blog to Google will help bring you organic traffic but it will not be very helpful if you do not submit your sitemap. For those who do not know, sitemap is a list of links of pages on your blog. This list helps search engines figure out which links to crawl. Submitting a sitemap will increase the chances of getting your pages indexed. You can use Google Webmasters tool again to submit your sitemap.

Once you have followed all these four steps, you will start noticing good results. However, if you want your blog to grow then make sure that you continue doing SEO and reading this blog!

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