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There are several ways that you can utilize to make your blog popular. However, it should be noted that using these techniques only won't get your blog a lot of popularity. You need to put your brain into work and work hard. You really need to believe in yourself and your blog. There are several blogs out there on the internet that earn more than websites. Your blog can do that too!

Unique Content
This is very important factor in making your blog popular. I am sure that you would have noticed that only blog with nice unique and attractive content are able to become popular. Who want to hear about broken watch? No one! Do not make all the entries on your blog personal. No one is interested in learning that your cat had a stroke today or that you missed school. Talk about something that is unique (but not too personal). Talk about stuff like "Similarities between Google and Yahoo's logo". This would be a great topic to talk about and would attract a lot of visitors. One example of great topic would be this one: "The 8 Least Intimidating Gangs in Movie History". Remember, readers want something different to read on the internet. This is why they would come to your blog.

A lot of people do not believe in this technique but believe it or not, this is one of the most effective technique to make your blog popular. Think about it for one second! You write good unique content on your blog, like I mentioned in Part 1, but then what? Writing unique content alone would not get you too far. You need to publicize your blog and bookmarking sites are the best way to do that. I have a blog and I am sure that 60% to 70% of the traffic that I get is from bookmarking sites. The most famous and useful bookmarking site would be Digg simply because it has the most number of users. The more users there are, the greater the chances of getting more traffic.

Another benefit of using bookmarking sites is that you gain significant number of backlinks from them in two ways. First of all, when you submit your article or post to a bookmarking site, you are giving your link to them which counts as a backlink to some extent. However, I am not sure whether the links are dofollow or nofollow. Secondly, Digg has an option of blogging articles. If someone likes your story, then they will blog it on their blog with your link. This will increase your popularity and provide you with useful backlinks.

You have to realize that your blog is just another blog in the everlasting Internet. No one is going to even know about it until you tell them about it directly. One of the ways to do this has already been discussed - bookmarking sites.

Utilize Forums and other Blogs
Forums are a great way to advertise your blog. You would have noticed that most forum nowadays have a "Review my blog" category where members pass criticism and appreciation to each other about their blogs. Join some of these forums and submit your blog. This way you will get some good traffic and if some of these members like your blog, they will even stick with it. You can also add a link of your blog in your signature at forums. If you are an active poster then a lot of people will be seeing your link and clicking it!

Another way is to actually go and read other blogs. Make useful comments at other blogs and that way you will attract readers and the owner of the blog to your own blog! I get a lot of traffic through this. However, make sure that you do not spam. Actually READ the article and make sure that the comments are useful and not annoying.

Give to take
So what do I mean when I write that fancy title in bold? Give and Take? Well it means that you need to give something new every few weeks to take (the traffic). So what do you give? There are several things that you can give away on your blog such as free products, coupons, designs or even links! I just experimented this idea and started giving away banners and free logos to my readers. I got great response and I had a lot of traffic in those days. I was giving logos and I was taking traffic! You should also have something like that on your blog because at the end of the day everyone goes home happily. Some ideas would be to have good contests or just give away whatever it is you are good at. Maybe you want to give free reviews to your visitors or free links! You can come up with several ideas if you think about what it is that you are good at and that you can use to your advantage.

This is a great tip and can get you a lot of traffic whenever used. However, make sure that you do not do this too often because that would just make it boring and also, make sure that if you start contests then you close them as well!


Omar Abid said...

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earn more moola. said...

This is so right and I am sure you will get a lot of readers because of your quality blog. How do you get to put the bookmark icon on your blog?

Amir Mullick said...

Good one bro, its pretty nice.

Lisa Tyler said...

This is a good idea too. I wonder if I could give away one item a week from my house (receiver or winner pays postage?) and get rid of my clutter that way?

Thanks for the good ideas here.

affiliatedomain said...

Quite a good and incisive idea. said...

Yes, this post is very much true. Making a blog popular is really simple but it simply takes time. While others tend to rush things doing all sorts of seo on their blog, they tend to overdo it. I could also say that social bookmarking really works, keep in mind that one should not focus on bookmarking his own blogs but should also contribute something useful to the community(especially for digg and forums). And last but not least, give to take. Give time posting quality content on your blog and later you'll get traffic. Well done on your post mate!

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