5 Reasons for starting a blog

Blogging has been around for quite some time now but it is only recently that it really got famous and caught everyone's attention. People from almost every age groups now blog around the globe. Even celebrities are jumping into it and blogging about their life. Surely it must have several benefits to be able to appeal to different people from different backgrounds and status. In this post, I will be writing about 5 reasons why people start a blog.
bloggingPlease note that I am not saying that these reasons are good for starting a blog. I am just stating some common reasons that I have come across. The primary reason for blogging should be your interest in some subject.

1. Referral links
I started blogging few months back on Blogger and absolutely loved it. My purpose of creating a blog, in the first place, was to have a place to make my referral links available to the world so that I could gain referrals. A lot of moneymaking programs on the Internet require you to get referrals to increase your earnings. Now, I no longer blog to get referrals. But I know a lot of people that have blogs with three or four posts that are filled with referral links. It is important to realize that you can only get referrals from referral links if you get traffic and you will not be getting significant traffic by having a blog with affiliate links only. However, I was able to get a lot of traffic and referrals by directly directing people to my blog through forums and other discussion sites. Best suggestion would be to have a regular blog with useful articles and some referral links on the side.

2. Expressing and Receiving opinions
Blogs were mainly intended to be personal when they first started. People would talk about how their dog keeps licking their feet or how school is boring. While personal blogging is not very popular now, there are still a lot of people with personal blogs. Benefit of having such a blog is the freedom to express your opinions. In most countries you can talk about anything you like on your blog. If you are lucky and talented then you will have some reliable readers who can provide you with valuable input.

3. Get money now
A lot of people first start blogging through personal blogs but then once they have enough experience they work towards monetizing their blog or create new blog(s) completely to earn money. While there might be some intention of blogging for fun, the main purpose of starting such blogs is to earn money. These blogs will involve good articles and information but deep under the blogger wants to earn money through his/her blog. Some methods of earning through blogs is by displaying ads and writing reviews.

4. Make friends online
Another reason for starting a blog could be to make more friends with similar interests as you. Success of a blog is usually a result of a whole community rather than just the blogger. This community includes the traffic that comes by your blog everyday and the readers that actually engage with you. Blogging can help you get a lot of friends online and by working together you can help each other in several ways.

5. Stay up-to-date
If you are blogging about a certain topic such as SEO then you have to remain alert and stay up-to-date with latest news about SEO. A main reason for blogging can be to maintain your knowledge about certain issues and/or to learn more about something. Blogging about movies might help you keep up with all celebrity news and information about upcoming movies.Blogging can be a great way to help you always keep on learning.

Now the main question is: what is your reason to start a blog? Comment to this post and let us all know.


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Thanks you have given me some more good reasons to start my own blog.

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you are welcome.

Let me know when your blog is up. I will love to take a look at it.

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