Google's PageRank Update Has Ended!

google pagerank update, SEOAfter Matt Cutt announced in his blog the latest PageRank update, the whole webmaster community stirred with thousands of new threads popping up at different forums. People were curious and nervous while others simply did not care. I was one of the first ones! I have several blogs and I have been working hard to build backlinks and post unique content since the last PageRank update.

The update finally began two-three days ago. Webmasters could notice their websites' PageRank changing. Some sites gained PageRank, others lost while some stayed the same. Most of my blogs did not see any change at all. Only one blog saw an increase from N/A to PR 1. I hardly spent any time on that blog and there are less than ten posts on it but still it got PR 1. However, my other blogs which have lots of backlinks from high PR sites did not notice any change.

One of my blogs got a PR 3 in the last update. That was when I was not interested in PageRank at all and hardly cared about backlinks. Since the last update, I decided to raise the PR to at least 4 or 5 from 3. I managed to exchange DoFollow links with a lot of high PageRank websites. Some of those sites even had PR4 and PR5! Furthermore, I submitted my blog to several famous directories but it seems like none of it worked.

Now when the update has ended, I am highly disappointed with Google. Their system seems to get less accurate in every update. Am I saying this only because I did not see a raise? Well, it is partially true but I have also seen other webmasters talk about it. Not many are happy with this update. Google needs to be more careful in future and reward websites that truly deserve it. I understand that being 100% accurate is very difficult but it is still important to manage some quality when ranking other websites. But this is only my opinion and you have all the right to disagree with it.

Fortunately, if I didn't gain any PageRank then I did not lose any either. I was a little nervous about SEO and Blogging Tips since I just started working on it. It managed to stick to its PageRank (4).

How did Google's PageRank update turn out for you? Did your websites' PageRank raise, drop or stay neutral? Are you happy with it or disappointed?

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Omar Abid said...

I'm the guy that gets PR without working on it :)
PR4 and PR3 but what to do with them?
Nice post friend!

mark said...

Most dropped 1. Weird. I thought it would stay the same or go up 1.

This updated sucked. Hopefully next time it will go back up.

eGrove Systems said...

nice sharing, thanks for your work

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