Another Way to get traffic and increase page rank

OK, if we'll see all the sites want traffic and page ranks for it self! So don't run behind those sites "that increase page ranks of traffic", but just read reall interesting posts.
I'm making those days, reasearch how other people have traffic. It's interestant to know. I see that many people post comments and add their link to the comment.
Ah here it come! Suppose a person with PR 7 blog. And just posted a new topic (in the first page) and thousands of hits come. If you posts your link in a comment, you get small traffic of his traffic. But if you make an interesting post you'll get more and more and more until you say : "thanks god I don't need more".
Let say this person have 1000 hits daily and you make the comment. If good comment you recieve at least 50 hits! and let say you posted 20 comments, then you'll receive 1000 hits! and more over page rank increase. 1000 hits ?! What do you want more.
Sart commenting now! But first you must find the PR high blog, oh another difficult step to do!


Lalit nagrath said...


i have a films blog
and i always leave comments in music blogs asking them to get film from mine blog .
and it has worked , getting consistent hits from those blog :)

that works to get traffic but no effect in PR (that s why m stuck on PR 3 , else would have been Pr4 by now )

Omar Abid said...

yes I'm getting more than 50 visitors with comment, but comment good blogs and PR need months to be updated!

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