Links Exchange

Hi friends,

If any one wants to make links exhange with post a comment with his blog or site url or send me an email (

Here are the rules:
No adult or spam sites
All links must be viewable on your main page
If you remove my link, I will remove yours.
Post a maximum of one link in your comment.


jordan widel said...

i wish to do a link exchange
my site is

All4All said...

i like to do it with u

and plz tell me wht is ur opinion , wht should i do in it, u know wht i mean

thnx man

Omar Abid said...

you are in my roll man, don't forget to add me

All4All said...

i added u Omar
waitin for u

thnx , MoHaMeD

Omar Abid said...

oh it's in the bottom did you see it?
(Foot Blog)

All4All said...

i c it
but not foot blog :D lol

u can say : All4All .. Soccer News

i want u to check my blog ,, and tell me wht's ur opinion - wht i need 2 do , etc


chodirin said...

i want if u dont mind,
but its PR 0.

Omar Abid said...

no I don't mind I added you

chodirin said...

hello Omar Abid. thanks for add my blog. i wass add you too on my blog list

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