Web Site Designing Keys

I'll give you here how I design my sites, you may take a look to see how nice they are :

And much more, I design those site in no time, here I'll say how I have done.
First you want make it your own it's easy !
You can choose your style from : http://freecsstemplates.org where there's about 300 free style.
This and this one : http://wpdesigner.com are the bests sites (free) but the firsdt is more easier in navigation

Now you can preview different styles and download what it seems nice and met your needs. You'll need an editor to edit and make your web site, I'll recommand to you Front Page (but it's payed) so you may love Visual Web Developer (I use it and it's free from MS thx to Microsoft)

Now you can add some gadget to your web site like a counter (I'm making a project that will help you to achieve this!)

The most gadget that I love

FeedJit : Show traffic from where it come and any country (quite nice)
Page Rank checker : give the page rank of your site

Get Page Rank :

Page Rank Tool

Hope those information were useful for you !


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