Working Ads, Earning Money

As I have a blog, then I must have a traffic because of numbers of posts, PR and other pages that links to me. Most of bloggers use Adsense to earn money from their blog. But I'm seeing in almost of blog only Adsense working. what about other ?. I make a small analytics. When you have a blog, where you made long and many posts, the page size (height) will be large! in the right or the left panel you won't have anything to display! As Adsense allow only 3 ads to display you can use others ad provider and earn more money.
Let say you have added 3 other ad publisher then your earning will be 3 times more and also from different sources. For these reason I started to try Adbrite that I had seen in some sites. I just put it and the ads shows that I must wait 30 minutes until showing !!! But perhaps until it track the web site content.
Any Way some days later I'll speak about the earning with Adbrite Vs Adsense

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