Hit Tracker

Intelligent System for Tracking the web!

This is my new site (project) Hit tracker is an intelligent system that will help to track your site.
What's Tracking ?
The idea is simple, the site collect a high page ranking from tracker (other sites that links to hit tracker to increase it's traffic).
Then you submit your site for track, as the track page have high ranking and your link is on this page, google will increase your rank!
So track your site now, as it's opened for all : http://hittracker.freehostia.com
Become a tracker!
Tracker (sites that links to us and direct to us some traffic) will have a special listening. and top 4 tracker sites will be shown on every sites.
So become a tracker to increase your ranking and traffic
visit : http://hittracker.freehostia.com for more information


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