How I made high traffic

I have about 2 month only from starting this Blog and I have more much more than 100 Visitor a day !
Here's the secret !
1/ Make Interestant posts, use Google Trends to know what people search for and how many ! it may interest you
2/ After making a good blog start free advertising, those are the best links that generate plenty of traffic
3/ Post plenty of topics (plenty....) without limits and in different subject. Note that google will generate you traffic with those post. Each post generate 0.3 visitor per day
4/ Use sites like and post code snippets, those code snippets will generate traffic. generate 5 visitor to me daily
5/ Browse forum and reply question this way : See the reponse @ : Msdn forum generate to me 15 visitors per day
6/ Use google groups and post ads for your blog (don't spam post in chorent groups). Google Groups generate 5 visitors per day to me
7/ Use technologies like Blogging for fame, technoratie...


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