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If you're a blogger, I'm pretty sure you know something about Google Adsense. If not, then as one of the quotes I read recently said "you must be living under a rock!" Hehe. Google Adsense is the most widely used and popular advertising method on the planet. It's Google's cash cow. Advertisers pay Google to publish ads on those sites that are adsense members. Google gets majority of the profit, bloggers get the scraps. It's a like it or leave it thing. But if you're already a member, you might as well take advantage and get some dollars here and there. You pretty much don't have control of which ads will appear because Google automatically determines and publishes an ad related to your blogs topic. If for example you don't like a particular ad, the most you can do is manage by excluding the URL of the ad from appearing on your site. You can do that in your Google adsense account.

How bloggers get paid by displaying Adsense?

It's pretty simple. When any of our visitors, click on the Google ads we publish, we get some money. Usually just a small percentage of what Google is actually paid. Depending on the amount of visitor traffic your blog gets, there would be a greater chance those ads will be clicked be someone resulting in more earning for you.

Is it easy to earn using adsense?

Yes and No. Yes if you have very high traffic. This is because the higher traffic you get, the more probability that more of your blog's visitors will be clicking on one of your ads. Especially, if your blog's topic is a high-paying adwords keyword (* explained later). No if your blog fits the exact opposite of what I just mentioned. I'll give you example later of highly paying keywords that I've heard can earn you at most &28 per click.

What are the do's and don't in using adsense?

Major no-no when you use adsense is clicking your own ad. Or having someone clicking the ads for you. It's what they call click fraud. Google has some weird high-tech way of determining if you made those clicks yourself or if you had somebody click it for you. Let me share an example, when I was working with my previous company my desk-mate one day came in fuming mad because he said he just received an email from Google that he has been banned and forfeited the $200 dollars he earned for running Google's ads in his website forum because Google found out the clicks made on his ads were fraudulent. He swears he didn't click the ads himself but since he is running a forum, he couldn't really tell who did the fraudulent clicks. He says it may be from someone who got pissed because he banned him from the forum but there no way and no use of finding out now.

There's a lot of Google ads tips out there. A great Google adsense guru is Joel Comm of joelcomm.com. He has some great video tutorials that can be found on Youtube on how to get started in blogging and his Google expertise. I'll give some that I picked up on the net and some taught to me by my friends later. But first let me discuss to you how to position your ads.

Positioning the ads in the "heat zone"

In your blog, there's an area SEO experts call the heat zone. Statistically, that area was found to be the most likely blog visitors will focus their eyes on. Since this area is where they frequently focus their eyes on, it is more likely that it will be the area where they will be interested in something. If they become interested in something, it is almost for sure that they will click on whatever is there on that area. If you are the type of blogger who would want to maximize the earning potential of your blog, what you need to do is position those ads in the "heat zone" so that it will be more likely that your visitors will be interested and click on the ads. Had enough of the suspense? What to know what this "heat zone" looks like? hehe. Okay. They heat zone is shaped like a capital letter F. So what does this mean? It means if you want to earn maximize your adsense earnings, you need to position those ads on your blog shaped like an F. For example, One big leaderboard ad on the top of your homepage either above or below your banner. Second, one 160x600 vertical banner ad on your left most side-bar. And lastly, one ad in between you posts or if you know how to, you can integrate a Google ad within your post. When you do this, the pattern should be like shaped like this:
Ofcourse, you will need to decide if this is right and if this works for you. This is just based on statistical data but everyone is entitled to decide if they want to monetize or not to monetize and just focus on blogging. If you do want, to monetize make sure you monitor the performance of your ad. Try a little experimenting on the positions of your ads and see what works best for you eventually. This advice is not only limited on Google adsense. You can apply the F heat zone to anything who want people to notice more. If you want them to notice your widgets bucks ads you can also do that. The plain simple rule is: place your most important stuff on this F heat zone because it will get noticed first and more often than the other areas of your blog.

Here's rest of the tips I promised:

1. In Google adsense, it takes 2 clicks from a visitor to earn you some considerable money. For you to actually earn, whoever clicks your Google ads will have to be interested and clicks on something on the page he was taken to. If this is done, it should be a considerable amount of maybe $0.50 above depending on the cost per click of that add.

2. Here's a list of high-paying keywords or ads that will pay big bucks to click on. I've even seen some bloggers purely blog about these stuff purely for monetary reasons. Most common words combined with these terms also pays well. What this means for bloggers is if their blog topic is about these things, they stand to earn better because these keywords are paid by advertisers for a high-cost which means higher pay for publisher bloggers.


3. Blend the colors of your Google ads with the color of the background where it is going to be placed. It would look more natural to your visitors. If the ad is blended, there would be a better possibility that a visitor will click the ads. If you wonder how it should look like, take a look at my ads.

Please read Google adsense terms and conditions page and program policies to get complete detailed information about using Google adsense. More to come tommorow!

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