Browsing and Programing !?

Are browsers only for surfing ?? No the programers take a part and start huge project on browsers. I'm talking about Tool Bar and things like that.

Interested I may help you find the best...

Shortly "Fire Fox" It's now the best Open Source browser and for me better than IExplorer. The new IE7 come with many new features but still missing many things.
I like most in FF the idea of link in the top so I can store and find quickly my links!

FFox open source ?? Yes and the code with it, you are just running the compiler that run the code. You can find the code of FireFox and other modules in the *.jar files.
Use WinZip to extract them or simply rename to "*.zip" and use windows extractor assistant.

FFox is totally customizable and being Open Source make it slow at running but fast when working and have less bugs.

I'll recommand FF if you want to start programing on browser you can check mozilla site to see the huge numbers of projects (modules) in FFox

Those are linksof some browsers (5.6MB) (4.6MB) (1.9MB) (1.86MB) (6MB)


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