Case of Study : My blogger

I decided in this day to make a case of study of the and the closed site : barcode maker.

I started with the blogger!
The study time interval will be from the first day of the blog making to yesterday.
So from 1 September 2007 to 18 March 2008.
The case study for me is very important and I take sometimes definitive decision through it!
The first thing : How much posts we have in the blog.
I found 155 posts in the blog.
Now let’s move on.
I get 6,341 visits in the whole and with an overall of 1.18 pages/visit.
So the blog made 7482 page impression.
Now we have two thing to study for this blog : where visitors come from and traffic sources.
Traffic Sources :
Google (Organic) provided 69.92 % of the total traffic. we can say 70%!
The next one is digg with 205 visitors and only 3.32 %.
The (as I sent some code snippets) provided the blog with 186 visits.
Then with 158. The Bar code maker site referred 71 visitor (a good part).
Jack book hardly get the 10 position with 43 visits.
Blogtoplist is saved as it succeeded to get the position 9. ooof!
The final decision :
The blog will be completely changed. We’ll concentrate on Google and Digg.
The 155 will be almost deleted and only traffic attractor posts will survive.
The JackBook give new experience. A wide search of 15 sites like Jackbook will take place in the next days.
Think 15 * 43 will give 654 visitor (more than digg do!).
91.83 % of visitors are new, this need a case study!!! Visitors don’t return.

The statics given by Google Analytics


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