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Do you find my blog useful, did you like it? if yes, so why not link to me?
Just add my name "Omar Abid" with this blog url (
I recommend also that you link to my post, you'll also receive a backlink.

Blogs, websites or pages linking to me will be listed on this page, but the top web site that will drive most traffic to this site will have a permanent link but also I'll write a review about this site!
How can I know that you link to me?
Don't tell me, I don't need it! I'll use Google to know sites linking to me.
And then if your site is linking (from a page a post or any way), it'll get a backlink on this page.
The more pages you link to me, more your position get first on this page.
How much traffic will this page drive?
This page will drive few traffic (about 10 visits per day). As you get to the top you get more traffic from this page.
After one month, I'll make an analytics using Google also. It'll show the top sites driving traffic!
If it's your's you'll get a permanent link in this blog (on the top of the pages).
This drive about 3 visitors daily for every link.
Plus you get a review! A small article that I'll write about your blog.
How much my blog is getting traffic?
I'm having about 300 visitors daily and it's increasing by a huge percentage every day! (about 0.85%).
I don't lie you can see it live!

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