Pay per impression

If you are the publisher pay per impression are always low rewarding, you won't earn so much from pay per impression programs.
But if you are an evil you can use it like that:
-Make the ads at the bottom of the site.
-You reload the pages as much as you can.
Normally Published pays about 5$ for 1,000 page impression.
If you have a huge page impression you can use it, and place it in bad place (you don't worry as clicks aren't important)
You'll have a new revenue from it!
Advice: Don't use Adbrite they are so bad.


Iago's Mom said...

so what sites are really good?

admin said...

this post was written by the previous admin but I would not suggest pay per impression because there are not many sites that offer this.

You should join a pay per click site such as Google Adsense.

Yanto said...

I have ever had a $0.01 earning from 1000 impressions. Better than none. Thanks for sharing the tips.

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