The commenting strategy

This strategy won’t double your visitors or make new ones, but will make them loyal and return (every week) to your site. Sure if you have the needed traffic.
What this strategy consist of?
2 widgets :

  • Last comments : Show last 10 comments and the posts where those comments where posted.
  • 5 top commentator : Show the 5 top commentator for the current week.

How this startegy will boost your traffic?

  • Visitors (interested in getting traffic from your site with their comment) will return every week to get the 5 first positions. You’ll have loyal visitors.
  • Reader will comment as much as they can increasing your page impression and then your earnings.
  • Your blog won’t be a book only for reader, but we’ll make also their interest!

You don’t have the needed traffic, support this strategy

  • Comment your self your posts
  • Make hundred of comments to tell people that you are making hundred of visitors

Where to find those sites?
I already found a fantastic one : Jackbook. I have dominated the 2 top positions. uses the same strategy but seems not having the necessary traffic.
Your site uses this strategy or you found a good site that uses it. Tell me about with a simple comment!

Me also I use this strategy so try to comment as much as you can!


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