Why Page Rank important

If you read the previous posts so you know why I'm posting this.
Page Rank is so important, but it's the most important of all.
Page Rank is the responsible of:
- Your order in Google Search
- The Ads that Adsense display
The order that google search give to your is ULTRA important.
When someone make a search Google will list with the Page Rank.
Who have the Page Rank is who get the first place!
Google will order you with your page rank.
Be Careful, the first position isn't the second.
I have dominated the first position a while when some one search Adsense in the blog search.
Google drives about 25 visitors though this search (when people tape Adsense).
But after a while, I lost my position and it became the 3th, Google drive only 2 now per day!
people always prefer the first position. Other position don't take a lot of traffic.


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